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Cinema Fury

By Big Art Group

January 6 – January 7, 2012 at Friday 6 - 8pm, Saturday Noon - 5pm

A live art installation with an open, experimental structure in which performance is interwoven with installation, in which format and process are exposed, created by the Big Art Group. Everyone who attends performs, in one sense or another, as people do at a party; everyone dances, interacts, observes, and changes the course of the evening through their presence. During the course of the evening, we dj music, we deliver text, we make a video piece that is available in limited addition— but the real performance is the gallery audience as activators and how they assimilate and transform the space.

George Ferencz (#105)

January 28, 2012 at 3pm

George Ferencz is celebrating his 30 year association with La MaMa. As a resident director he has directed 32 productions and is in his 14th season as curator of the Experiments Playreading Series. Ferencz’s first production was MONEY (a jazz opera) and his most recent was CONJUR WOMAN (a blues opera). In between were THE TOOTH OF CRIME, SHEPARDSETS (with Max Roach) and GHOSTS (with Genji Ito). As curator of Experiments, he conducted 140 concert readings of new plays, directed Experimenta, a festival of 6 plays from the Experiments Series and heads for a 4th season the Shadow festival celebrating Black History Month.

Chemistry of Love

January 23, 2012 at 7:30pm

By Jill Campbell, directed by George Ferencz

This is a substantial re-write of a play read last season about the Art community.

Featuring Matt Luceno, Rod McLucas,Kim Merrill & Jenne Vath

Meredith Monk in Conversation

January 23, 2012 at 7:30pm

“She may loom even larger as the new
century unfolds, and later generations
will envy those who got to see her live.”

- Alex Ross, The New Yorker

Meredith Monk, recently named Musical America’s 2012 Composer of the Year, will perform various selections from her wide repertoire, and talk about her work as a composer, singer, director/choreographer, and filmmaker, at La MaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theater.

Monday Nights at La MaMa celebrates La MaMa Alumni who has been instrumental in making La MaMa the leading experimental arts organization for 50 years, and supports artistic residencies at La MaMa to ensure that future generations of artists will have a creative home at La MaMa.


January 20 – January 29, 2012

Friday & Saturday at 10pm
Sunday at 5:30pm

Written and Directed by Nic Ularu

A visual performance that recomposes from a puzzle of situations the life and work of Hieronymus Bosch, revealing the condition of the artist in relation to society and his private life. Using elements of black theater, video projections and giant puppets, Hieronymus recreates Bosch’s grotesque and tragic imaginary, in a fantastic universe that incorporates the sacred, the profane, the symbol and the metaphor of his paintings.

The Lady And The Peddler and Gimpel The Fool

January 19 – January 29, 2012

Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm
Sunday at 2:30pm
Also Sunday, Jan 29 at 7:30pm
Tickets $18
“The Lady and the Peddler” runs 55 mins; “Gimpel the Fool” runs 50 mins; one intermission.

La MaMa will present a double bill comprised of the Nephesh Theatre productions of two plays based on works by Nobel Prize laureates. “The Lady and the Peddler” by S.Y. Agnon, adapted by Yosefa Even-Shoshan and directed by Geula Jeffet Attar, is a dance theater piece featuring actor Victor Attar as the Peddler and dancer Ilana Cohen as the Lady. “Gimpel the Fool,” a monodrama from the story by Isaac Bashevis Singer as translated from the Yiddish by Saul Bellow, is adapted for the stage, directed and performed by Howard Rypp.

“Gimpel the Fool” is a theatrical adaptation based upon the classic story by Nobel prize laureate I B Singer, translated from the Yiddish by Nobel prize laureate Saul Bellow. This treasure from the Yiddish literature portrays Gimpel’s steadfast belief in God and human goodness in the face of betrayal and ridicule has inspired audiences throughout the world. It premiered at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival has toured festivals and been presented on campuses in England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Austria Armenia, Russia, the U.S. and Canada and in Egypt and Israel. .Quotes from the Reviews:”A tight production of high standards. an art form on its own terms!”- Edinburgh Guide “FIVE STARS… Uplifting… Best of the Fest” -Winnipeg Free Press “While touring internationally he has honed his character to a T !”- C.B.C.”Maybe Gimpel is a fool but not for those who came to see the play ; They all left a little wiser and without a doubt a better person. The play inspires the wish to believe in kindness and human goodness. If Art has a purpose- it is to awaken these kind of feelings” -Festival LUDI -Russia

“The Lady and the Peddler” is based upon the 1943 short story by S.Y. Agnon, the sole Israeli Nobel Prize winner for literature. The fable depicts a Christian woman, living in isolation in the woods, who buys a knife from an itinerant Jewish peddler who stumbles upon her house and takes shelter there from a storm. He is ensnared by her charm and hospitality, moves in and has sex with her, only to learn that she has devoured her previous lovers.

The Plot is the Revolution

January 9, 2012 at 7:30pm

Co-Presented by The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival and La MaMa
Motus (Italy)
Dected by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò
With Silvia Calderoni and Judith Malina (The Living Theatre)

Performed in Italian with English supertitles.

The Living Theatre’s Judith Malina and Motus’ Silvia Calderoni create an encounter between two Antigones – spanning generations and experiences – united in the belief that theater can incite political transformation.

Monday, January 9th at 7:30pm (One night only)

Body Duet

January 7 – January 10, 2012

By John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Company
Saturday, January 7 at 11am
Monday, January 9 at 3pm
Tuesday, January 10 at 1pm
Free admission

Body Duet is an energy-packed, highly physical dance featuring two spiritual and witty performers, New York’s Bessie Award winning Michelle Boulé and one of Ireland’s outstanding male dancers, Philip Connaughton. Choreographed by John Scott with music by dynamic US duo BLACKFISH and lighting by Eric Würtz. Body Duet celebrates the ecstatic feeling of being together, of losing fear and inhibition, and trusting togetherness. A work packed with passion, poetry, rage, humor, artistry, grace, fun – and dance.

Body Duet is an assault of dance.

Body Duet is a recovering or adjustment of circumstances.

Body Duet is three sections;

One part is a furious athletic dance of moving, beautiful bodies.

One part is a sort of rage or fight.

One part is lyrical and more formal and slightly sad.

Choreography by John Scott
Performed by Michelle Boulé and Philip Connaughton
Lighting by Eric Würtz
Music by BLACKFISH (James Everest + Joel Pickard)

“Ghost Dog” by Sans le Systeme

Commissioned by Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland.

In the Solitude of Cotton Fields

January 5 – January 14, 2012

Co-Presented by The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival and La MaMa
Stefan Zeromski Theatre
Directed by Radosƚaw Rychcik (Poland)

Performed in Polish with English supertitles.

All songs are about love, and they’re all like wolves. Backed by live music from the Polish cult band Natural Born Chillers, this interpretation of late French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès’s In the Solitude of Cotton Fields imagines a raw encounter between a Dealer and a Client with the swagger of an Eastern European punk-rock concert.

Last seen at UTR 2010 with Versus, Rychcik is emerging as one of the young directors to watch in international theater for his use of an intense acting technique and simple yet specific stage design.

Thursday, Jan 5, 4:30pm
Friday, Jan 6, 7pm
Saturday, Jan 7, 7pm
Sunday, Jan 8, 7pm
Monday, Jan 9, 7pm
Thursday, Jan 12, 9pm
Friday, Jan 13, 9pm
Saturday, Jan 14, 9pm

The Table

January 5 – January 8, 2012

Co-Presented by The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival and La MaMa
Blind Summit (UK)

A cantankerous puppet Moses trapped on a table! Some disembodied heads at a romantic dinner! A tank salesman! All unfolding in a visual journey inspired by Beckett, the Bible, and Ikea.

From the artists who created innovative puppets for Simon McBurney’s A Dog’s Heart and Anthony Minghella’s Madam Butterfly, 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Award winners Blind Summit go back to their roots with their new show, The Table, which concentrates on sweaty, improvised, ground-breaking puppetry.

Thursday, Jan 5, 9:30pm
Friday, Jan 6, 8:30pm
Saturday, Jan 7, 4:30pm
Saturday, Jan 7, 8:30pm
Sunday, Jan 8, 2:30pm

Lick But Don’t Swallow!

January 4 – January 15, 2012

Co-Presented by The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival and La MaMa
biriken & Ayça Damgacı (Turkey)
Directed by biriken (Melis Tezkan-Okan Urun)
Written by Özen Yula

An angel comes down from heaven but finds herself in the body of a porn star. The clock is ticking – who can she save? Or is it just a dream of a porn star to save herself and the world? A hybrid of comedy, video, and existential inquiry, LICK BUT DON’T SWALLOW! was only performed once in Istanbul, due to protests by a fundamentalist newspaper.

LICK BUT DON’T SWALLOW! was directed by biriken (an interdisciplinary arts collective based in Istanbul and Paris), in collaboration with Ayça Damgacı (actress and screenwriter of Gitmek: My Marlon and Brando) and written by leading Turkish playwright Özen Yula.

Wednesday, Jan 4, 8:30pm
Thursday, Jan 5, 7pm
Saturday, Jan 7, 2pm
Sunday, Jan 8, 8:30pm
Monday, Jan 9, 8:30pm
Wednesday, Jan 11, 7pm
Friday, Jan 13, 7pm
Saturday, Jan 14, 2:30pm
Sunday, Jan 15, 7pm

Alexis. A Greek Tragedy

January 4 – January 14, 2012

Co-Presented by The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival and La MaMa
Motus (Italy)
Directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò
Performed in Italian with English supertitles

In 2008, 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos became an icon of youthful rebellion after he was shot by a policeman, triggering an unprecedented storm of protests against the corrupted political system in Greece. In their continued search for a modern Antigone in present-day resistance, Motus emerges with this documentary theatre piece of uncompromising theatricality. Alexis is their poetic call to action.

Hailed by The New York Times as “fresh and ferocious,” UTR welcomes back Motus – one of Italy’s most adventurous companies – after their sold-out performances of Too Late! (antigone) contest #2 in UTR 2011.

Wednesday, Jan 4, 8pm
Thursday, Jan 5, 2pm
Friday, Jan 6, 7:30pm
Saturday, Jan 7, 7:30pm
Sunday, Jan 8, 7:30pm
Wednesday, Jan 11, 7:30pm
Thursday, Jan 12, 7:30pm
Friday, Jan 13, 9pm
Saturday, Jan 14, 7:30pm