Sam Shepard | Nov 5, 1943 – July 27, 2017

It is with great sadness today that we learned of the passing of the great American playwright, Sam Shepard.  Sam did much of his early work at La MaMa.  In 1965 Sam’s early plays, premiered and performed by the La Mama Troupe under the direction of Tom O’Horgan, toured Europe for the first time.  Ellen […]

Summer Rental: Untamed Opera Festival

August 12, 2017 - August 27, 2017

dell’Arte Opera Ensemble’s Untamed Opera Festival Spotlighting the unpredictable, wild characters of opera, this year’s Festival explores parallels between human, animal and supernatural realms. dell’Arte opens the Festival with two fully-staged rarities: Francesco Cavalli’s La Calisto that combines the two Greek myths of Jove’s seduction of Calisto and Diana’s affair with Endymion; and Leoš Janáček’s Příhody […]

This Season

LU! LU! LU! LU! An Evening Celebrating Spiderwoman Theater’s 40 Years September 19, 2017 UNTITLED_I will be there when you die September 28, 2017 – September 30, 2017 La MaMa Puppet Slam September 29, 2017 – September 30, 2017 ALAXSXA | ALASKA October 12, 2017 – October 29, 2017 Burning Doors October 13, 2017 – […]

Unexploded Ordnances (UXO)

January 4, 2018 - January 21, 2018

US PremiereBy Split Britches [Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver] Unexploded Ordnances (UXO) by Split Britches is a new exploration of ageing, anxiety and ‘doomsday’ created through conversation and collaboration with an array of elders and artists. Developed between the UK and US, Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw have created a unique production, combining darkly playful Dr Strangelove-inspired performance with a daring new protocol for public […]

Panorama: Part 1

December 29, 2017 - January 21, 2018

World Premiere Devised and Directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò Dramaturgy by Erik Ehn and Daniela Nicolò Media & Light Design by CultureHub & Andrew Sempere With the actors of the Great Jones Repertory Company Previews Begin Dec 29th & 30th | Opening January 3rd Italy’s Motus Theatre returns to direct and devise Panorama, […]

Gemini Stars/Scorpio Stars

December 7, 2017 - December 17, 2017

World Premiere Written and directed by Gian Marco Lo Forte A Pioneers Go East Collective Project Gemini Stars / Scorpio Stars is devised by Pioneers Go East Collective – a collective of queer artists who research and present LGBTQ and feminist stories. Using live video, vlog content, monologues and music -the work further reflects on coming out stories […]

Indian Market and Social

December 1, 2017 - December 3, 2017

Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective Murielle Borst-Tarrant, Director Safe HarborsKevin Tarrant Managing Director and Coordinator Indian Market Just in time for the Holidays: the Indian Market offers a unique shopping opportunity for visitors to purchase traditional and contemporary works—including silver and semi-precious jewelry, ceramics, fine apparel, handwoven baskets, traditional beadwork, dolls, paintings, prints, and sculpture—by some […]

Upside Down

November 30, 2017 - December 10, 2017

World Premiere A collaboration between Teatro Patologico and ZCO/DANCEPROJECT Written and Directed by Dario D’Ambrosi Choreography Zazel O’Garra  Upside Down narrates the story of a young, able-bodied, woman who accidentally enters a world populated by people who dress, act and move in the opposite way; a world that contradicts “normality.” Performed by a cast of actors […]

The Perforations Festival

November 21, 2017 - November 26, 2017

Curated by Zvonimir Dobrovic  The Perforations Festival will present new works by Bruno Isakovic, Mia Zalukar, Ina Sladic, Dora Djurkesac, Katarina Pejovic, Ivan Marusic and Igor Grubic. These are Balkan artists working in performance art, theatre and dance, whose diverse approaches to their art blur the borders between these genres. Tickets Coming Soon! Marta Ziółek […]

The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald

November 2, 2017 - November 19, 2017

A co-production of Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre & Theatre KAPOW of Manchester, New Hampshire Conceived and Written by Vít Hořejš Co-Directed by Hořejš and Matt Cahoon The Life And Times Of Lee Harvey Oswald revisits three 1963 national traumas: the assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother, and Rev. Martin Luther King. Exploring the shrouded, dense cobwebs […]