The Floor is Lava

May 09 - May 19, 2019

Written by Alex Riad Directed by Glory Kadigan In high school, Sean was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” Ten years later, and not where he expected to be in life, he reunites with his high-school buddies at the launch party of their friend’s hugely successful app. Set in a world consumed by social media, The […]

La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival

April 25 - May 26, 2019

Curated By Nicky Paraiso La MaMa Moves! is an annual dance festival taking place in all La MaMa venues. This unique and diverse program is devoted to presenting a full-range of contemporary dance forms and genres including post-modern, experimental, hip-hop and house forms, ethnic-fusion, burlesque, swing dance, aerial, and hula. This wide range of dance programming […]

Bach & Bleach

April 11 - April 21, 2019

Music performance by Esther Apituley New York version Directed by Erwin Maas Bach & Bleach is an ode to the power of the imagination and the power of Bach. A viola player and a cleaning lady accidentally meet on stage. Bach’s emotionally profound music unlocks the imagination of the woman mopping, and shows her that […]

The Fever

April 11 - April 21, 2019

Onassis Festival 2019: Democracy Is Coming The Fever By 600 HIGHWAYMEN A Co-Presentation by La MaMa, The Public Theater, and Onassis USA “A lovely, haunting meditation on human connection, and disconnection … a poetic evocation of our mostly unspoken –– and un-called upon –– dependence on one another.” – New York Times The Fever tests […]

The Fat Lady Sings

March 21 - April 07, 2019

By Jean Claude van Itallie Directed by David Schweizer Written by Jean-Claude van Itallie, the legendary La Mama playwright, author of the 1960’s anti Vietnam war Off-Broadway megahit, America Hurrah, and directed by David Schweizer, famed director of major operas, The Fat Lady Sings is a loud no-holds barred crucially needed in-depth exploration of the hidden beliefs that […]

now my hand is ready for my heart: intimate histories

March 22 - April 07, 2019

Written by Nicky Paraiso Direction by John Jesurun Created in collaboration with Irene Hultman, Jon Kinzel, Vicky Shick, Paz Tanjuaquio now my hand is ready for my heart: intimate histories is a deep exploration of an artist’s life, which investigates aging, identity, sexuality, class and race. It is also a celebration of an artistic community as […]

55 Shades of Gay: Balkan Spring of Sexual Revolution

March 07 - March 17, 2019

By Qendra Multimedia (Kosovo) Written by Jeton Neziraj Directed by Blerta Neziraj 55 Shades of Gay: Balkan Spring of Sexual Revolution is a contemporary burlesque story about LGBTI politics in the Balkans and Europe by acclaimed Kosovar playwright Jeton Neziraj. In a historically homophobic environment, local Balkan politicians try to manipulate and deceive EU officials; […]

Dying in Boulder

February 28 - March 17, 2019

By Linda Faigao-Hall Directed by Ian Morgan  In a quest for a “good death,” a dying Caucasian-American Buddhist in Boulder, Colorado enlists her reluctant mixed-Filipino family in micromanaging her impending funeral rites. DYING IN BOULDER is a comic but moving exploration of American cultural confusion around aging and dying – and our inability to control […]

Brooklyn United Live: The Evolution of a Dream

February 21 - March 03, 2019

Executive Produced & Created by Tyrone Brown Associate Produced & Visual Art by Renita Leonce Co-Directed by Tyrone Brown, Renita Leonce & Dan Safer Text by Tylie Shider Choreographed by Dara Adams A high-octane, one-of-a-kind drum and dance corps comprised of 33 Brooklyn public school youngsters ages 5 to 17 —  Brooklyn United: The Evolution of […]

City of No Illusions

February 08 - February 24, 2019

“Talking Band is one of the boldest and most venerable politically minded companies in New York experimental theater …” –Ben Brantley, New York Times By Talking Band Written and Directed by Paul Zimet Music by Ellen Maddow A funeral home near the New York/Canadian border becomes a refuge for two asylum seekers. The funeral directors […]