So Long, Willy (Let’s Go Home)

August 21, 2014 - August 23, 2014

So Long, Willy (Let’s Go Home), opens the door to a utopian world of sterilized love, physical difference, and material sameness. Surrounded by 90’s animated classics and animal adventure romps (including that movie where Michael Jackson frees a whale with the power of music), I AM A BOYS CHOIR glimpses into a future in which intimacy is increasingly difficult, but, with a little bit of help from Britney and Celine Dion, this dance theater piece will try to find it anyway.


20150522 - 20150524

CONCEPTION AND CHOREOGRAPHY BY STANLEY LOVE PERFORMED BY STANLEY LOVE PERFORMANCE GROUP Persephone Pomegranate seeds, huny will saturate the space with dance and fill it wall to wall with full-throttle movement, accompanied by an eclectic mix of songs. What these “classics” (ranging from Meredith Monk through Journey to Barry White and beyond) have in common […]

I Am Here

October 11, 2014

I AM HERE is a devised performance which grew out of a yearlong process that linked Catherine Filloux’s play, SELMA ‘65, with students from USC Lancaster.

Make HERstory

August 29, 2014 - August 30, 2014

“MAKE HERstory”, a one woman show written and performed by Alisa Brock, is a tale wrapped up in many tales of imagination used to survive abandonment and abuse. It is reality’s laughter and a gumbo of true stories that never had the chance to be told – until now.

ALTIPLANO (WORLD PREMIERE): Jane Comfort & Company

20150528 - 20150531

CHOREOGRAPHY BY JANE COMFORT AND COMPANY LIGHTING DESIGN BY JOE LEVASSEUR SOUND AND MUSIC COMPOSITION BY BRANDON WOLCOTT Representing a radical shift from Jane Comfort’s history of text-driven works, Altiplano is an abstract dance that originates in movement structures that range from spare images of the desert to highly physical and complex configurations, like a […]

Poetry Electric: Seriously Though


A mixed bag of comedy, burlesque, theater, and social justice-ing.
There will be laughs, there will be tits, there will be tears, and one day, justice. Come join award-winning and critically-acclaimed Una, Morgan, Julia, and Michi for a very special one-night-only never-again cabaret. You’ve been asking, and they’ve been evasive, but it’s finally here: sisters in real life and sisters of the road, they will awe you with a taste of their solo work in dance, burlesque, comedy, storytelling, and theater. Sexy-funny-sad, given where you are, this is where you want to be, seriously.