Galleria: Alexis Myre’s ‘The Power of Limits’

February 04 - February 21, 2016

Alexis Myre’s artworks are each a small universe: a sphere in which natural materials, geometric patterns, and symbolic references all mingle. These elements are incorporated into mathematical systems, where pins, thread, and pencilled lines chart each item and its relations, and establish a microcosm of order and influence. With the logic of a drawing and […]

Preserving the Videotaped Record of 1970s-era Experimental Theater

October 19

LaMaMa Archives Among the materials housed in the Archives of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club is a collection of rare video that was shot between 1972 and 1980 on a Portapak camera. These obsolete videos document 170 early Off-Off Broadway productions. Recently, as part of its effort to describe, preserve, and offer expanded access to […]

A Memorial for Judith Malina

October 04

A Memorial for Judith Malina RSVP LIST IS NOW FULL Thank you for the overwhelming response! Waiting list begins at 6:30pm, admission not guaranteed.  Ellen Stewart Theatre @ La MaMa 66 East 4th Street (between Bowery and Second Avenue) New York, NY 10003  Speakers Anne Waldman Olympia Dukakis Richard Schechner Gordon Rogoff Garrick Beck and Special […]

Liz Swados Press Archive

Press Archive Click to Read Tony Nominations (NYTimes, 1978) Runaways Review (NYTimes, 1978) Agamemnon (NYTimes, 1977) A Film About Elizabeth Swados Poster (1978) Peter Brook and La Mama Companies Dispatches Program (1979) Pasqua del Teatro Mazazine (1984) Pasqua del Teatro Mazazine (1984) Cherry Orchard Review (NYTimes, 1977) Cherry Orchard Review (NYTimes, 1977) The Cherry Orchard […]

La MaMa Umbria’s Spoleto Festival Tour

July 2nd – July 12th, 2016 (First two nights in Rome)Take this unique tour to the beautiful Umbrian hill town of Spoleto, home of the world-famous international Festival of 2 Worlds. Enjoy 2 days in Rome, prior to traveling to Spoleto. Experience the best of world music, dance and theatre with several performances during the […]

Culturehub: Refest 2015

December 11 - December 13, 2015

Three-day festival passes are available above by clickig BuyTicket . These passes will grant you entry into all of the events listed below. Individual event tickets can be found at the links listed below. Refest is CultureHub’s annual festival of work that intersects new media, performance, and technology. This year’s festival will explore the ways […]


January 07 - January 17, 2016

“Silvia Calderoni must be made of mercury, or some improbably liquid element that has yet to be discovered. Surely no body of mortal flesh could undergo the quicksilver transformations achieved by this remarkable performer in “MDLSX,” a perceptions-scrambling work from the Italian revolutionary theater troupe Motus.” ~ Ben Brantley, The New York Times La MaMa […]

CultureHub: ArtCade Con 2015

October 10

The wildly popular ArtCade return to CultureHub this fall! Davis Cox of This Near Future hosts a refreshingly curated celebration that  demonstrates that the arcade isn’t an outdated idea, while also serving as an interactive gallery of digital art.  Featuring over 15 games hand-picked by top NYC games curators and organizations to showcase their unique […]

La MaMa’s SQUIRTS 2016: New Voices in Queer Performance

January 15 - January 24, 2016

La MaMa Presents A Helix Queer Performance Network Event: La MaMa’s SQUIRTS: New Voices in Queer Performance Curated and Hosted by Dan Fishback Stage Managed by Naimonu James The Helix Queer Performance Network gathers some of the most exciting new voices from NYC’s queer performance world, accompanied each night by a legendary Guest of Honor. […]

Poetry Electric: These Red Lights Were Made 4 Us To Make Them Green

December 14

Is Freedom A Choice? Does Freedom Stem from Solely the Mind? Or is one’s Freedom primarily dependent on Societal Constructs? An evening of Poetry & Lyricism shattering centuries of blind spots that prevent us from being truly FREE…  Featuring: Kate Hess (Indigo Moon), Andres Chulisi Rodriguez, Omega B, James Peach McClory, Happy Accident, WhyNotShowLove, and Libby Mislan About […]