Poetry Electric: Dickless


Written & Performed by Aisha Josiah A headless cat and an incriminating photo begin an adrenaline-filled quest for revenge through the feminine underworld of small-town England. Narrated by Saff (who’s on the run) and Oli (who should be), unfolds a tale of bizarre sexual conquests, graphic ultra violence and girls behaving monstrously.   About the […]

Daily Life Everlasting

April 2, 2015 - April 19, 2015

The third collaboration between Witness Relocation and acclaimed writer Charles Mee, in which people meet, fall in love, make out with each other, find being alive awkward but funny, and dance quite a lot.

Zero or More Disposable Lessons

April 10, 2015 - April 11, 2015

Celebrating the centennial of Polish painter, assemblage artist, set designer, and theater director, Tadeusz Kantor, Zero or More Disposable Lessons explores the mechanics of memory, anatomy of oppression, disposability of bodies, and dancing objects.

Bird In The House

April 17, 2015 - April 26, 2015

With Bird In The House, composer/performer Dane Terry paints scenes of childhood and adolescence in the off-colors of standard-issue American neuroses. Terry’s liquid country western piano sloshing all the while under his intoned yarns. Bird In The House features songs from his new album Color Movies, which will be released concurrently.

Kids Workshop: Arts and Science – Coral Reefs


o help conceptualize the relationship between human activity and coral reef health, children will role play the different elements of the coral reef ecosystem. Then they will then set up an experiment to test the effects of marine life photosynthesis on ocean acidification.


April 16, 2015 - April 26, 2015

By SinTeaTro Intimus
Directed and written by Aminta de Lara

In a time of deep partisan division and massive street demonstrations for and against the government, two sisters are forced to delve into their relationship with their father and what he represents leading to a confrontation stemming from their childhood.

On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me as her Young Lover

April 20, 2015

Richard Meros, B.A. is the Machiavelli of the Millenials. In this anarchic journey into the hot and heavy heart of Western Civilisation, Meros will prove, step by barkingly-logical step, that Hillary Clinton not only wants a Young Lover, but needs one to initiate a Golden Age of American culture and society. Furthermore, the only possible candidate for this coveted position is, by rational necessity, him.

Eleven Reflections on September

April 30, 2015 - May 17, 2015

Eleven Reflections on September is a spoken word, multi-media performance on the Arab American experience, Wars on/of Terror, and “the constant, quiet rain of death amidst beauty” that each autumn brings in a post-9/11 world.

La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival ’13

20150607 - 20130707

Curated by Nicky Paraiso La MaMa Moves! 2013 celebrates the dance artists who have performed at the famed experimental theater over the years. While retaining the festival’s vibrant and expansive vision, its diverse range of form, content, style and its international reach, the 2013 schedule features more full-length works, giving artists more of a chance to take root. Ten […]