Kids Workshop: Filipino Indigenous Dance

April 16

FILIPINO INDIGENOUS DANCE WORKSHOP With Potri Ranka Manis | Founder and Artistic Director of Kinding Sindaw Learn and enjoy the dance movements from the epic, legends and myths of the ancestral Philippine Melayu Nusantara heritage. This workshop will transport the participants to experience these epic stories through hand gestures, footwork and colorful scarves. The workshop […]

Tiffany Mills Company | After the Feast

May 12 - May 15, 2016

After the Feast is an evening-length project that fuses movement by Tiffany Mills, dramaturgy by Kay Cummings, music by Jonathan Melville Pratt, visual design by Dennis O’Leary, costumes by Mary Kokie McNaugher, lighting by Chris Hudacs and performance by six ferocious dancers. This new work imagines an urban dystopia caused by vanishing resources. Mills’ highly physical […]

La Galleria: New Paintings

May 26 - June 12, 2016

In this exhibition of new oil paintings, Mark Tambella revisits his earlier figurative works through an expressionistic lens. Central to this new series are human focus and energy, which are forces that can be decoded and meditated upon through painting. The scenes are culled from a variety of sources, and employ techniques acquired from the […]

Culturehub: Improvised Electronics Round Robin: Dark Circuits II

November 08

The Improvised Electronics Round Robin is a live audiovisual concert by tool builders, artists, and engineers. The performers will play short interlocking sets and then perform the Dark Circuits Light Orchestra score by electronic composer Hans Tammen. Featuring: Gocha Tzinadse, Sofy Yuditskaya, Josh Goldberg, Brendan Byrne, Alex Nathanson, Nick Fox Gieg, Jeff Donaldson, Gene Kogan, […]

Material Witness

May 12 - May 29, 2016

Material Witness is “rowdy and playful, displaying an enormous sense of energy, strength and good will.  Yet its subject is dead serious: the physical abuse of indigenous women in the United States and Canada.” ~ Anita Gates, The New York Times In association with Spiderwoman Theater & Aanmitaagzi A Loose Change Production by Spiderwoman Theater Directed […]

Cardell Dance Theater | Supper, people on the Move

May 14 - May 15, 2016

“Supper, People on the Move is about mobility and decisions moving you: an action starts with a clear intention and it is carried away by a tide of impulses.” -Silvana Cardell, Choreographer From choreographer Silvana Cardell, a new dance performance inspired by themes of migration, Supper, People on the Move explores the complex experience of […]

Socially Engaged Performance: A Global Conversation

March 13

La MaMa and Theatre Without Borders Present: Socially Engaged Performance: A Global Conversation is a one day international convening  Through focused round tables, panels, small groups, social networking, and live-streamed dialogue with international artists, we will focus on key ​emerging ​topics including conflict resolution and the refugee crisis, hybrid forms of interdisciplinary work, and a new generation of theater makers. Please let us know […]

La MaMa Kids: Interactive Hula Workshop

March 05

Interactive Hula Workshop with Marina Celander and Kiku Sakai Come with us and visit the mountains and the waterfalls of Hawai’i, admire a rainbow, swim with the sharks in the ocean, and play with the seashells on the beach – all this while never leaving East 4th Street! In this fun and interactive workshop we will […]

3rd Class Citizen/Luis Lara Malvacias & Jeremy Nelson

May 19 - May 20, 2016

Concept, creation and performance by Jeremy Nelson and Luis Lara Malvacías / 3RD CLASS CITIZEN Music by Ivo Bol “B” as in Becoming or the constant transformation of someone or something. “E” as in Events. Work created from the assembly of re-contextualized shorter events, resulting in a unique and final whole. Both works are still in the […]