The Seagull

December 05 - December 07, 2014

One of the most successful performances in the recent Serbian National Theatre history, Chekhov’s Seagull directed by Slovenian director Tomi Janežič, has been described by national and international critic as a theatre phenomenon. The seven hour performance has received an outstanding reception both by theatre critics and connoisseurs.

Provision Provision: Jon Kinzel

May 29 - May 31, 2015

CHOREOGRAPHY BY JON KINZEL MUSIC BY JON KINZEL & JIM DAWSON PERFORMERD BY JON KINZEL & EDISA WEEKS Provision Provision is a duet that maintains a continuous engagement with improvisation, urban life, haptic interaction, and dance. The piece, part of a larger body of performance and visual art work, touches on a range of subjects […]

Spring Time in Nickyland 2015

April 11 - April 12, 2015

In the spirit of rebirth, renewal and the resurrection of the spirit, we celebrate all things new as well as all things old made new again. A host of downtown luminaries will take the stage each night so shed your winter layers and celebrate all things Spring!

π= 3.14.. NOTHINg, or EVERYTHINg (World Premiere): Yoshiko Chuma

June 04 - June 07, 2015

π= 3.14.. NOTHINg, or EVERYTHINg – With dry tech endless peripheral border – Fukushima – Kabul – Amman – Ramallah – Berlin BY YOSHIKO CHUMA & THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS CONCEPTION AND DESIGN BY YOSHIKO CHUMA π =3.14… NOTHINg , or EVERYTHINg is based on a true story which moves along without any direct incident. And, as […]

milkdreams (world premiere): Alexandra Beller/Dances

June 11 - June 21, 2015

ORIGINAL SCORE BY ROBERT POSS LIVE MUSIC BY ROBERT POSS AND KATO HIDEKI PERFORMED BY CARLY BERRETT PLAGIANAKOS, LEA FULTON, EDWARD RICE, SIMON THOMAS-TRAIN milkdreams strips the performers of their veneers of ego, agenda, and shame, laying bare their need, their contentment, and the authenticity of their present moment. Both the process of creating the […]

2014 ReFest Exhibitions

November 24

ReFest is CultureHub’s annual festival celebrating art and technology. The festival exhibition will feature works of new media, games, machinima, and other art that utilizes emerging technologies.

This is Mary Brown

June 11 - June 28, 2015

The epic story of Mary Brown, an iconoclastic and wickedly funny Irish immigrant. In this beautiful one-woman play, Obie-award winner Winsome Brown channels her mother and family, bringing to life the homesickness and humor of an Irish expatriate.

American Mill # 2 (Lint Head)

June 25 - June 28, 2015

Pioneers Go East Collective creates a new installation of it’s Docudrama theatre work about child labor in the
early 20th century textile industry in the Southern United States. Video and photography re-create the experience of mill workers, as live artists perform folk music and interview excerpts inspired by original audio recordings from textile workers.