The Chairs

by Skysaver Productions Conceived and Directed by Theodora Skipitares Loosely inspired by Ionesco’s absurdist classic, The Chairs, Theodora Skipitares creates a post-apocalyptic world in which an old woman, portrayed by a 10-foot puppet, invites guests to hear an important message about the meaning of life.   One by one, a collection of 25 chairs appears, each one […]

La MaMa Moves: Resonance – Miki Orihara Solo Concert

New Works By Adam Barruch, Senri Oe, And Miki Orihara “Resonance” Producer: Jun Nakanishi (Noon Tan Music) “Resonance” Executive Producer: Masu Hiroshi Masuyama Thur – Sat – 7:30 pm / Sun – 2:30pm This program explores the continuity and lineage between modern dance and contemporary dance, as a new generation of artists begins to create […]

La MaMa Moves: Dancing for Japan – Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Benefit Co

At 7:30pm Dedicated to the Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake and Tsunami victims. Proceeds from this benefit go directly to municipal/local agencies helping victims and families of the disaster through NPO JaNet.  Featured Artists: Take Dance, Abarukas, binbinFactory, Masumi Kishimoto, Megumi Eda, Kensaku Shinohara, Daisuke Omiya, and Haruka Tamura.  Curated by Miki Orihara, in association with  Noon Tan Music […]

The Most Important Thing

May 02 - May 03, 2014

Emmy-nominated composer Daniel Koren (@danielkoren) sits by the piano, accompanied by his projected figures In this bizarre and visually mind blowing musical stand up special. In his own provoking way, Daniel reveals his stream of consciousness, making a virtuosic act that redefines comedy and live music.

La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival ’10-’11

La MaMa Moves! ’11May 24 – June 21 | Curated by Nicky Paraiso and Mia Yoo La MaMa Moves! ’11 opened its doors to welcome the dance community from across the world to its stages. The festival promised 60 attractions, 37 premieres and four US debuts. Which is to say that La MaMa’s three theaters, The Club, the […]

Reading: No Matter How Hard We Tried

November 22

by Dorota Masłowska | directed by Dan Safer / Witness Relocation No Matter How Hard We Tried is literary phenomenon Dorota Masłowska’s hilarious and devastating portrait of a schizophrenic post-communist Polish society divided against itself, buried under the weight of history, and torn between national pride and shame. With wildly inventive language and razor-sharp humor the play captures Poland’s […]

Shadow 14

February 20 - February 23, 2014

Curated and directed by George Ferencz. A festival of concert play readings celebrating Black History Month.