March 03 - March 20, 2016


First Floor Theatre | 74A E 4th Street; 1st Floor

Thursday to Saturday at 7:30pm; Sunday at 2pm

By The Faux-Real Theatre Company
Directed by Mark Greenfield

Dionysus: our hero, a gender-fluid god, both loving and murderous.
The Bacchae: our heroines, ecstatic followers of the Dionysian cult.
Pentheus: our villian, logical; secular.
Euripedes: a 5th-century BCE writer who defies modern sensibilities.
Is The Bacchae liberation theology or a celebration of religious zealotry?
With their highly-charged and entertaining style of physical theatre, Faux-Real explores the precarious zone between freedom and fanaticism.

About the Artists

The Faux-Real Theatre Company (FRTC) creates original theatrical works; invigorates classic texts; mounts site-specific indoor and outdoor productions and makes high quality theatre accessible to a broad spectrum of New Yorkers. Productions often cross the boundary between spectator and actor, inviting audiences to engage directly with characters. The name Faux-Real is meant to embody a stylized aesthetic that synthesizes contrasting elements making ancient texts and challenging contemporary works exciting to a populace audience.
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