The Sixth Annual American Human Beatbox Festival

February 26 - February 28, 2016



$15 advance; $20 at the door; Special Offer: 2 tix for $20 (advance sale only)

Beat Box Festival
The Sixth Annual American Human Beatbox Festival

The variety of beatbox performance styles and forms is showcased in this three-day event, which includes an open mic, beat rhyme battles, and vocal wars featuring some of the leading beatbox artists in America.
Special Offer: 2 tix for $20 (advance sale only) CLICK HERE

Kids Workshop: Beat Box with Kid Lucky & Kaila Mulady

Saturday, February 20th at 11am


Hailing from NYC the ‘beat rhyming’ duo of Kid Lucky and Kaila Mullady combine beatboxing, rapping, spoken word, scatting, and vocal sound effects into an awesome display of vocal abilities that translates into amazing songs and a good time! They explore all realms of American music: from hip hop and electronic music (like trap and techno), to funk, jazz, rock, and soul. Their signature technique is a new vocal style called beat-rhyming: the combination of beatboxing and rhyme flow or ‘floetry.’

February 26, 2016 -- 10pm

Opening Night

The collabs of the 5th Element 

Some of the most amazing collaborations and showcases that utilize beatboxing to the fullest 


Amazing Violin and beatbox duet 

The Adventures of Kaila and The Kid

Amazing Beatrhyme duet  

Hoofers and Woofers 

Tap dancers meet beatboxers 

Beatbox House

Amazing crew of beatboxers who will dazzle your mind. 

Nu Voices 

All vocal orchestra feat. Whistling, tuvan throat singing, scatting, beatboxing, rapping, spoken word and more!

February 27, 2016 -- 10pm

Beatrhyme Slam

Hosted by: KID LUCKY
This Beatrhyme slam is for vocalists who can combine beatboxing with words and or scatting.
This is next level creativity. Poets invited to try a new type of slam as well!
Johnny |NYC BeatboxEmcee Graffiti |Lawrence ClarkEngelbertGene
ArabelleEngelbertSyzygyEsaalaahChestah TEmilyBBKFelix

Hip Hop Subway Series

Sunday, February 28 at 5pm


Meet on one of NYC’s subway lines and join beatboxers in a traveling performance and jam, and end up at La MaMa for a celebration and after party!
Contact to get details and to reserve!

|The Adventures of Kaila and The Kid|Johnny Buffalo|D-Cross and Felix|
| Rabbi Darkside|Arabelle and Engelbert|MC Beats|Nu Voices|

Special Event

Thursday, February 25 at 7pm


Hear beatboxers and poets and scatters and emcees and beyond jam at the world famous Funkadelic Studios. worlds top human beatboxers!
Live at Funkadelic Studios (209 west 40th street 5th floor)
Tickets: $10
Contact for more information!