La Galleria: I’ve got a lot of things to face this month

February 28 - March 16, 2019

La MaMa Galleria | 47 Great Jones St.

Gallery Hours: Thursday to Sunday 1 to 7PM, or by appointment

Free Admission

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28th | 6pm-8pm

La MaMa Galleria is proud to present, for its opening show of Spring 2019, I’ve got a lot of things to face this month, featuring photographic works by Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. and María José that consider the daily efforts toward controlling one’s life.The title is self-referential; both artists have responsibilities to themselves and their intimate communities, but it also suggests a photographic sensibility that carefully makes space for the inner dialogue and circumstances of the pictured individuals. Each artist renders the everyday through different means. Elliott re-contextualizes the instant in which the photograph is made as a way of pursuing the literary possibilities of the frame, while María’s life experience is folded into the photograph as a matter-of-fact subject, often using images to mark and emphasize sentiment or observation.

La MaMa Galleria is participating in The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) with a schedule of public programs to take place in galleries and art spaces across New York City during the New York Gallery Open, March 4–10, 2019. Public programs during the New York Gallery Open comprise artist talks and conversations, performances, screenings, and special gallery events.

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NADA Event at La MaMa Galleria
on Monday, March 4 at 7PM

Conversation with artists Elliott Jerome Brown, Jr., Maria Jose and Ka-Man Tse in conjunction with the exhibition “I’ve got a lot of things to face this month” at La Mama Galleria. Click here for more information

About the Artists

Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. visualizes moments of contemplation, self-possession, and other potentially inaccessible elements of human experience.  The resulting ambiguity offers the pictured plane a narrative multiplicity that includes, but is not limited to, its biographical origin. The individuals and spaces pictured are often presented informally and with minimal direction, or that which allows for serendipity. This practice considers what couldn’t have been planned for, and, therefore, the limitations of aspiration, ideal, and intention. Through Elliott’s investment in the interiority of individuals and space, the content of the compositions appear at rest in dialogue, transition, or reflection.
María José uses photography to explore themes of tradition, motherhood, medical transition, spirituality, and glamour. She is compelled to use photography as a respite for queer existence, prioritizing safety, comfort, and flexibility in a moment of picture making. Some portraits document specific milestones in life, while others serve to build a fantasy world in which María and the people in her pictures can access more surreal ways of being. The images are, in their style and circumstance, moments of softness, close attention, silence, stillness, and care. In the role of photographer, María gets to direct, pose, and communicate the way she experiences her life.

About La Galleria

Founded in 1984, La MaMa's La Galleria is a nonprofit gallery committed to nurturing artistic experimentation. La Galleria serves its neighborhood as a venue that encourages an active dialogue between the visual arts, new media, performance, and curatorial and educational projects. Its goal is to offer programming that reaches beyond the expectations of traditional gallery and institutional exhibition-making, to a diverse and intergenerational audience.
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