A Christmas Carol, Oy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa

December 05 - December 14, 2014



Fridays at 10pm / Saturdays at 2pm & 10pm / Sundays at 6pm

By the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater
Adapted and directed by Vit Horejs

An adaptation of Dickens’ classic with Old World accents and New World inclusiveness.

Featuring over 30 puppets by Milos Kasal backed up by a live chorus. Czech, English, Hebrew & Swahili songs are performed acapella by Judith Barnes and Hayden DeWitt. A delight for audiences ages 5 - 105.

Look At What The Critics Are Saying!

"Dazzling and irreverent presentation of the classic tale performed with beautiful marionettes by a superb puppeteer and eclectic holiday songs."
- TheaterScene.net
“'Christmas Carol' is exactly what an audience would want from a holiday show. It tells a familiar tale with an added twist, it reminds us about the spirit of the season, and it puts a smile on the face of even the scroogiest of spectators. "
- New York Theatre Wire

About the Artists

Vit Horejs, an emigre from Prague, founded Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre in 1990, utilizing century-old Czech puppets which he found at Jan Hus Church on East 74th Street. His trademark is using puppets of many sizes, from six-inch toy marionettes to twelve-foot rod puppets which double as scenery. CAMT is dedicated to preserving and presenting traditional and not-so-traditional puppetry.