January 26 - January 29, 2017

Written by Shmuel Refael Directed by Geula Jeffet-Attar Adapted by Haim Idissis Translated by Howard Rypp Theater | US Premiere Golgotha is a one man show, performed in English by Victor Attar. Albert Salvado, a Holocaust Survivor, re-lives the atrocities of the concentration camps as he prepares for his long awaited dream to come true: […]

David’s Friend

January 27 - February 05, 2017

Written and performed by Nora Burns Directed by Adrienne Truscott Theater | US Premiere Run Time: 60 minutes David’s Friend is a fast-paced multi-media show is a celebration of friendship, fun, freaks, fag hags, youthful passion, changing times, aging, emotions, memories, music and Manhattan. David’s Friend is a coming of age story, a love story, […]

Culturehub: Hi-Fi | Wi-Fi | Sci-Fi

February 02 - February 19, 2017

Hi-Fi | Wi-Fi | Sci-Fi Predictions Past Present and Future Written by Robert Patrick Directed by Billy Clark and Jason Trucco In the 1960s and 1970s, playwright Robert Patrick led an underground theatre movement that questioned the future through a series of quirky, minimalist science fiction plays. For La MaMa’s 55th season, CultureHub and the […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #140: Robert Patrick

February 04

Curated by Michal Gamily Educational Outreach by Arthur Adair Photo by Diana Lundin Join us at La MaMa for the 140th Coffeehouse Chronicles celebrating the work and career of Robert Patrick with panelists, archival footage, and live performances. Moderator: William M. Hoffman Panelists: Michael McGrinder, Natalie H. Rogers, Jordan Beswick, Carol Nelson, Mark Waren, and […]

Calderon’s Two Dreams

February 09 - February 26, 2017

Created by George Drance and the Magis Theatre CompanyOriginal Music by Elizabeth Swados Theater | World Premiere Calderon’s Two Dreams” is a repertory performance of two classics by Pedro Calderon de la Barca.  His first masterpiece “Life is a Dream” (1635) deals with questions of freedom and choice in a confusing reality.  As his career soared, he […]

La Galleria: HA HA FRESH

February 09 - March 11, 2017

For her latest solo project with La Mama, Adriana Farmiga presents HA HA FRESH- a body of work including drawings and sculptures. The exhibition, centered around the theme of “the bodega”, considers this ubiquitous urban corner shop as a site located between archive and social space. In the same way a bodega can centralize and serve […]

Riot Antigone

February 10 - February 19, 2017

A Hannah Greene and J. Mehr Kaur ProductionCreated & Directed by Seonjae KimLyrics by Seonjae KimMusic by Mori Einsidler, Seonjae Kim, Erato A. KremmydaAdditional Music by Jane Cardona, Jess Marlor Music Theater | World Premiere RIOT ANTIGONE is Seonjae Kim’s new take on Sophocles’ tragedy, told from the perspective of a Chorus Leader and her all-female punk band, […]

La MaMa Kids: The Adventures of Kid and Kaila Beat Box Workshop

February 18

Hailing from NYC the ‘beat rhyming’ duo of Kid Lucky and Kaila Mullady combine beatboxing, rapping, spoken word, scatting, and vocal sound effects into an awesome display of vocal abilities that translates into amazing songs and a good time! They explore all realms of American music: from hip hop and electronic music (like trap and […]