Crane -- Heather Henson

Crane: on earth, in sky

November 05 - November 08, 2015



Thursday to Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 4pm

World Premiere

By Ibex Puppetry (USA) | Conceived & Designed By Heather Henson
Co-created By Heather Henson & Ty Defoe

Journey with whooping cranes and black neck cranes along the waterways they use for maps in this spectacle of environmental theatre. Reflecting our connectedness with all of creation, this immersive story is told through rituals and puppets, projections and kites, aerial antics and life-sized maps. Tracing the tragedies befalling cranes, of disappearing forests and lakes, this story celebrates the richness of indigenous cultures that honor and protect these majestic birds. Ancient sounds of elemental forces resound in this holistic sensory experience.

About the Artist

Heather Henson is a puppet artist, producer, and advocate for the art of puppetry. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and CalArts, and is the founder of IBEX Puppetry, a multiplatform production company that facilitates her own creative enterprises and those of the puppetry community. Exploring her interests in health and healing for the planet, Heather creates visual poetry to offer audiences a transformative experience.
She remains active with the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, The International Crane Foundation, and The Jim Henson Legacy.
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