David’s Friend

January 27 - February 05, 2017

Fridays & Saturdays at 10pm, Sundays at 6pm

The Club | 74a East 4th Street (3rd Floor)


Written and performed by Nora Burns
Directed by Adrienne Truscott
Theater | US Premiere

Run Time: 60 minutes
David’s Friend is a fast-paced multi-media show is a celebration of friendship, fun, freaks, fag hags, youthful passion, changing times, aging, emotions, memories, music and Manhattan. David’s Friend is a coming of age story, a love story, a loss story, and a New York story, a story we all know and experience in some way, and, as David would say, “a story that just gets better with the telling.” 
| Dramaturgy by Lucy Sexton (DanceNoise) | Artistic Direction by Tal Yarden |
| Visual Collaboration by Len Whitney | Featuring Billy Hough |

About the Artists

Nora Burns is a member of the comedy groups Unitard and the Nellie Olesons and has been performing around the US and Canada for over 20 years, including at the Aspen, Montreal and We're Funny That Way Comedy festivals