Drive East

Drive East: Indian Classical Music and Dance

August 10 - August 16, 2015


Ellen Stewart Theatre | 66 East 4th Street (2nd Floor)

20 Concerts
7 days
1 theater

From August 10–16, join Navatman for Drive East as we bring together artists from all over the globe for one of the most ambitious—and lauded—congregations of Indian classical music and dance. Whether you are a seasoned patron or interested in learning more, there is an experience for everyone in this extraordinary festival. 

Drive East -- Navatman Festival


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About Navatman, Inc.

Navatman, Inc. has successfully created a go-to center for classical Indian performing arts right here in the heart of New York City through our five arms: Productions, School, Dance Company, Ventures, and Agency. Our organization thrives on meeting (and beating!) marketplace demands and challenges. Navatman is known for our innovation in all aspects of the industry - from our curation, to our business model, team culture, products and beyond. In 2013, we were awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the New York State Senate for our contributions to the field. 

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