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Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armageddon!

May 16 – June 2, 2013

Show Profile

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“…fresh, dynamic and fully realized…The clashes are marvels, graceful and kinetic.”
Andy Webster – NY Times

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“Ho has channeled the creation of a theatrical production that can match the ballsy audacity of his jazz compositions with similar ferocity and skill …The fighters are truly martial Artists, dazzling in their virtuosity and engaging as live performers.”

- Maura Donahue, Culturebot

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“Perfect for all lovers of swashbuckling adventure with exotic flair (even children, ages 10 and up!), this exhilarating fusion of genres and cultures is both cutting edge and highly enjoyable.”

- Shirley Chan, Woman Around Town

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Theater-in-the-Now interviews Ai Ikeda, the titular Deadly She-Wolf of the show.

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WNYC Interviews Deadly She-Wolf composer Fred Ho.

Music and Concept by Fred Ho / Written by Fred Ho and Ruth Margraff / Directed by Sonoko Kawahara

A Martial Arts-Samurai Sword Fighting-Music/Theater Fantasy Action-Adventure Blockbuster homage to “Lone Wolf and Cub” (Kozure Ogami) in a story of imperial decline and desperation, revenge, intrigue and catharsis. Fred Ho’s super-talented team unleashes a music/theater work of dazzling spectacle and emotional power. 



Raised as a weapon by a brutal conspirator, a young female assassin discovers that her target has spun the empire of Japan into crisis and ruin–and–is none other than her father.  The Shogun, in a rage, has fired her master and hired three superwarriors from the West to eliminate this Last Wolf of Japan who defies his legacy.  Torn between loyalty to her mission, her nation and her soul, she must face the unimaginable at the twilight of an imperial epoch.


ai swordback

DEADLY SHE-WOLF ASSASSIN AT ARMAGEDDON! is the latest music/theater and martial arts tour de force from collaborators Fred Ho and Ruth Margraff.  A daring and imaginative homage to the 1970s Japanese raging cult  manga and movies hit, Lone Wolf and Cub (Kozure Ookami), which has inspired many other adaptations and works in comic books and film over the past decades.  DEADLY SHE-WOLF…explodes with a ferocious stylistic mix of Japanese Noh theater and modern-day anime and manga influences with unique multi-martial arts and sword fighting choreography and a glorious score fusing traditional Japanese music and soul-jazz.

Composer-creator-writer Fred Ho brings to the stage the world premiere of DEADLY SHE-WOLF ASSASSIN AT ARMAGEDDON!, his latest installment in the music-driven martial arts epics for which he has been recognized as both pioneer and its most innovative leader.


Marina Celander, Yoshi Amao, Ai Ikeida, Teake, Luca Nicora, Jerry Ford, Perry Yung, Rick Ebihara, Takemi Kitamura, Koji Nishiyama, Bradley Fong and Jet Yung

Afro Asian Music Ensemble led by Masaru Koga, with Ben Barson, Wayne Batchelor, Art Hirahara, royal hartigan, and Yumi Kurosawa


Fred Ho (composer / co-writer)

Ruth Margraff (co-writer)

Sonoko Kawahara (director)

Yoshi Amao (co-choreographer)

Emmanuel Brown (co-choreographer)

Anka Lupes (production design)

Chad McArver (lighting)

Joseph Yoon (producer)

Youn Jung Kim (stage manager)

Produced by Crossing Jamaica Avenue and Big Red Media, Inc. /Commissioned by The Japan Society and Peregrine Arts

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