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Soulographie: Our Genocides

November 11 – November 18, 2012

A Commemorative Performance Cycle and Discussions by Theatre and Artists from the U.S., Poland and Uganda
Written by Erik Ehn

Soulographie is a durational performance event looking at 20th century America’s relationships to genocides in the U.S. (the Tulsa Race Riot), East Africa (Rwanda and Uganda), and Central America (Guatemala and El Salvador). The performances aim to create channels of dialogue through art and conversation.

The 17 plays by Erik Ehn that comprise the cycle have been produced independently throughout the U.S., Poland and Uganda. These plays will converge at La MaMa, as the presentations perform in rotation, completing the cycle over the course of both a week and a 24-hour marathon. The cycle will include opportunities to reflect and converse about the issues invoked by the plays, as well as the creation of art and poetics as acts towards social change. Directors include Marcin Cecko and Krzysztof Garbaczewski (Adam Mickiewicz Institute), Tom Dugdale (UC San Marcos), Alison Heimstead (Heart of the Beast), Dan Hurlin (Sarah Lawrence College), Robbie McCauley (Emerson College), Brian Mertes, John Moletress (force/collision), Jubilith Moore (Theatre of Yugen), Kym Moore (Brown University), Rebecca Novick, Emily Mendelsohn, Laurie O’Brien, Raphel Parry (Project X), Mia Rovegno, Alison Russo, and Katie Shook.

11/11-11/16: $18/evening
11/17 & 11/18: $15/individual show or $27/set of shows

Sunday, November 11, 7pm, $18
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Everyman Jack of You

Directors: Krzysztof Garbaczewski and Marcin Cecko, Opole Theatre, Poland

Diamond Dick*

Director: Raphael Parry, Project X, Dallas


Director: Kym Moore, Brown University, Providence

Monday, November 12, 7pm, $18
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Maria Kizito*

Director: Emily Mendelsohn, Theatre Factory, Kampala, Uganda


Director: Tom Dugdale, CSUSM, San Diego

Tuesday, November 13, 7pm, $18
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Drunk Still Drinking*

Director: Alison Russo, NYC

Burnt Umber*

Director: Mia Rovegno, NYC

Wednesday, November 14, 7pm, $18
purchase tickets here


Director: John Moletress, force/collision, Washington, D.C.


Director: Jubilith Moore, Theatre of Yugen, San Francisco

Thursday, November 15, 7pm, $18
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Double Aspect, Bright and Fair**

Director: Dan Hurlin, Sarah Lawrence College, New York

Hidebound** (READ this article on Hidebound)

Director: Alison Heimstead, Heart of the Beast, Minneapolis

The Architecture of Great Cathedrals**

Director: Laurie O’Brien, NYC

Friday, November 16
Discusion Sesions, 2PM

Special Reading of Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling
directed by Kip Fagan

George Ongom & Artists (Northern Uganda)

SHOWS, 7PM, $18
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Una Corroňa*

Director: Orlando Pabotoy, NYC


Director: Katie Shook, Los Angeles


Director: Rebecca Novick, San Francisco


Directors: Krzysztof Garbaczewski and Marcin Cecko, Opole Theatre, Poland

Saturday & Sunday Marathons

Free coffee, tea and bagels will be provided throughout the weekend.

Saturday, November 17

Discussion Sessions, 10AM

Scott Ellsworth (Tulsa, OK), Claudia Bernardi (Walls of Hope Project, El Salvador)

Purchase Saturday Afternoon Package for $27

2pm: Everyman Jack of You, $15 – purchase tickets here
2:45pm: Diamond Dick, $15 – purchase tickets here
4:15pm: Yermedea, $15 – purchase tickets here
5:30pm: Maria Kizito, $15 – purchase tickets here

Or see everything for $27 (Sat Afternoon)

Dinner Break, 6:30Pm

Purchase Saturday Evening Package for $27

7:30pm: Thistle, $15 – purchase tickets here
8:30pm: Drunk Still Drinking, $15 – purchase tickets here
10pm: Burnt Umber, $15 – purchase tickets here

Or see everything for $27 (Sat Evening)

SUNDAY, November 18

Discusion Sesions, 10AM

Pauline Ross (Playhouse, Northern Ireland);
Dijana Milosevic (Dah Theater, Belgrade)

Purchase Sunday Afternoon Package for $27

2pm: Shape, $15 – purchase tickets here
3:15pm: Cordelia, $15 –
purchase tickets here
4:45pm: Double Aspect, Bright and Fair, $15 – purchase tickets here
5:45pm: Hidebound, $15 – purchase tickets here

Or see everything for $27 (Sun Afternoon) 

Dinner Break, 6:30Pm

Purchase Sunday Evening Package for $27

7:30pm: The Architecture of Great Cathedrals, $15 – purchase tickets here
8:30pm: Una Carroña, $15 – purchase tickets here
9:15pm: Star, $15 – purchase tickets here
10pm: Dogsbody, $15 – purchase tickets here
11:15pm: Forgiveness, $15 – purchase tickets here

Or see everything for $27 (Sun Evening)

*Equity Approved Showcase **Puppet intensive play

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