Everyday Murder

October 08 - October 11, 2019

6pm to 7pm

Free Admission

Run Time: 1 hour (No Intermission)
No Reservation Required, Performances Begin at 6PM Outside 66 East 4th Street.
Come and go anytime between 6 and 7PM

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World Premiere
Created and Directed by Uwe Mengel

Everyday Murder is a FREE participatory performance that takes place in front of La MaMa. The story evolves around a murder. The audience/passers by can ask each of the two performers (one of them is the murderer) any question about their life and their involvement. The audience member decides what question to ask and cross-examinations of the performers are welcome.


Performed by Alicia Bella & Shah Motia

About the Artists

Uwe Mengel began writing and creating interactive performances in East Germany, among them the performance „Association for the dissemination of the notion that the earth is flat“ which was banned after the first showing.After his escape from East Germany he imigrated to the United States. Now he lives in Berlin and New York. He created his unique participatory performances at many cities and Theater Festivals, like New York, Melbourne/ Australia; Zuerich/Switzerland; Berlin/Germany; San Antonio/ Texas. Most recently he created „Ophelia's Sister“, July 2019,a participatory performance, for „Theater Freiburg“, Freiburg Germany.
Find out more at www.umengel.com