The Fat Lady Sings

March 21 - April 07, 2019


Downstairs | 66 East 4th Street

Thursday to Saturday at 8PM; Sunday at 5PM

$30 Adult Tickets; $25 Student/Senior Tickets (+$1 Facility Fee)

Cover Photo of America Hurrah (Motel dolls) photo by Phill Niblock 1966

By Jean Claude van Itallie
Directed by David Schweizer

Written by Jean-Claude van Itallie, the legendary La Mama playwright, author of the 1960's anti Vietnam war Off-Broadway megahit, America Hurrah, and directed by David Schweizer, famed director of major operas, The Fat Lady Sings is a loud no-holds barred crucially needed in-depth exploration of the hidden beliefs that have brought America to its knees.  
An unhappy white authoritarian American evangelical family -- the father eerily like today's occupant of the White House -- lives out its painful confusion of the real and the virtual on a dream-like wooden many-sailed 17th century merchant ship. The ship symbolizes the centuries old destructive patriarchal/capitalist/religious myths ruling the family's life. Exploited by politicians, preachers, and commercial corporations, the family is filled with rage, despair and denial.

About the Artists

Written by: Jean-Claude van Itallie
Directed by: David Schweizer
Dramaturgy by: Morgan Jenness
Producers: Rosemary Quinn and Jean-Claude van Itallie
Set Design by: Caleb Wertenbaker

About the Artists

Jean-Claude van Itallie, born in Brussels in 1936, emigrated to America with his family in 1940, grew up on suburban Long Island, graduated Harvard in 1958, and in the sixties was a seminal force in the explosive New York Off-Broadway theater. Van Itallie was one of the original playwrights at Ellen Stewart’s La MaMa Experimental Theater Club. Van Itallie was playwright-of-the Ensemble of Joe Chaikin's Open Theater, with whom he wrote THE SERPENT, arguably the most successful piece of ensemble theater by any theater group.
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