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Gimpel the Fool, photo by Rami Katzav

The Lady And The Peddler and Gimpel The Fool

January 19 – January 29, 2012

Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm
Sunday at 2:30pm
Also Sunday, Jan 29 at 7:30pm
Tickets $18
“The Lady and the Peddler” runs 55 mins; “Gimpel the Fool” runs 50 mins; one intermission.

La MaMa will present a double bill comprised of the Nephesh Theatre productions of two plays based on works by Nobel Prize laureates. “The Lady and the Peddler” by S.Y. Agnon, adapted by Yosefa Even-Shoshan and directed by Geula Jeffet Attar, is a dance theater piece featuring actor Victor Attar as the Peddler and dancer Ilana Cohen as the Lady. “Gimpel the Fool,” a monodrama from the story by Isaac Bashevis Singer as translated from the Yiddish by Saul Bellow, is adapted for the stage, directed and performed by Howard Rypp.

“Gimpel the Fool” is a theatrical adaptation based upon the classic story by Nobel prize laureate I B Singer, translated from the Yiddish by Nobel prize laureate Saul Bellow. This treasure from the Yiddish literature portrays Gimpel’s steadfast belief in God and human goodness in the face of betrayal and ridicule has inspired audiences throughout the world. It premiered at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival has toured festivals and been presented on campuses in England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Austria Armenia, Russia, the U.S. and Canada and in Egypt and Israel. .Quotes from the Reviews:”A tight production of high standards. an art form on its own terms!”- Edinburgh Guide “FIVE STARS… Uplifting… Best of the Fest” -Winnipeg Free Press “While touring internationally he has honed his character to a T !”- C.B.C.”Maybe Gimpel is a fool but not for those who came to see the play ; They all left a little wiser and without a doubt a better person. The play inspires the wish to believe in kindness and human goodness. If Art has a purpose- it is to awaken these kind of feelings” -Festival LUDI -Russia

“The Lady and the Peddler” is based upon the 1943 short story by S.Y. Agnon, the sole Israeli Nobel Prize winner for literature. The fable depicts a Christian woman, living in isolation in the woods, who buys a knife from an itinerant Jewish peddler who stumbles upon her house and takes shelter there from a storm. He is ensnared by her charm and hospitality, moves in and has sex with her, only to learn that she has devoured her previous lovers.

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