La MaMa Kids: Folktales of Asia and Africa

February 15 - February 16, 2020

Saturday at 12PM; Sunday at 2PM

$15 Tickets

Object Theatre Performance
By Jane Catherine Shaw
Ages 6+

While she is making bread, the hostess discovers that she has guests. As they all wait for the dough to rise she tells them three stories using kitchen utensils to play the characters, in the style of found object puppetry. Audiences love to see egg beaters hop into cloth napkins to become Japanese sisters dressed in kimonos, or watch as a flour sifter becomes an old man, with a cookie cutter for a pet rabbit. Among the many notable characters are wooden salt and pepper shakers as sisters in "The Dragon with Five Heads" from Zimbabwe, 4 steak knives that become the wise man in the Japanese tale "The Lantern and The Fan," and an unusual doughnut maker becomes the moon goddess disguised as an old women in "The Old Man and the Moon" from Myanmar.
Children and adults delight in the imaginative use of everyday objects to portray the characters in the three stories. Folktales of Asia and Africa brings puppetry to its essence, in which common objects of daily use assume fantastic character through the artistry of puppetry and the puppeteer.

About the Artists

Jane Catherine Shaw is a longstanding La MaMa resident artist. She interweaves imaginative characters and stories to make one exciting piece of theatre for young audiences. She is the curator of La MaMa Puppet Slam.