Summer Shares: Forbidden Colors

August 04 - August 07, 2016


The Club | 74a East 4th Street (3rd Floor)

Thursday to Saturday at 8PM; Friday to Sunday at 3PM; Sunday at 7PM

Tickets: $20


Associate Producer: 

Fumiko Tanaka

Assistant Director: 

Jan Mizushima

Stage Manager: 

GotchaBack Prod, LLC & Bruce Hawkins

Concept & Artistic Direction:

Takashi Izutsu

Scenic Designer: 

Patrice Davidson

Lighting Designer: 

Alex Moore

Sound Designer: 

Jim Petty

Projection Designer: 

Takaaki Ando


Greer Gisy


Tomoko Inoue


Kana Oguchi & Shogo Haenuki

Dance Instruction:

Kiyotaka Kogure


Hironori Sakunaga


Kojiro Kudo & Takahiro Gushiken

Postcard Design:

Tamaki Sono


The world premiere theatrical performance
Based on Yukio Mishima's novel “FORBIDDEN COLORS
Adapted by Sachiko Sunakawa & Takashi Izutsu
from the English translation by Alfred H. Marks 

Producer & Director: Sachiko Sunakawa

Consultant: Michael Mayer

“From one of Japan’s greatest modern writers comes an exquisitely disturbing novel of sexual combat and concealed passion, a work that distills beauty, longing, and loathing into an intoxicating poisoned cocktail. An aging, embittered novelist sets out to avenge himself on the women who have betrayed him. He finds the perfect instrument in Yuichi, a young man whose beauty makes him irresistible to women but who is just discovering his attraction to other men.

As Yuichi’s mentor presses him into a loveless marriage and a series of equally loveless philanderings, his protégé enters the gay underworld of postwar Japan. In that hidden society of parks and tearooms, prostitutes and aristocratic blackmailers, Yuichi is as defenseless as any of the women he preys on. Mordantly observed, intellectually provocative, and filled with icy eroticism, Forbidden Colors is a masterpiece.” (Vintage Books, 1999)


Maeken - Yuichi

Tom Paolino - Old Man

Jose Gamo - Young Man

Monica Charline Brown - Young Woman

Camara McLaughlin - Old Woman

Clarissa Howel - Musician/Cello