"This year, the La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival is breaking out of its small downtown theaters and onto the internet.
The festival, which runs May 18 to June 4 and has a reputation for tapping into timely topics like climate change and gender, will crowdsource choreography for “#Here to Dance,” an online project about human rights."

Artists! Dancers! Choreographers! Everyone! Unite! La MaMa is calling on our community to express their belief in creative freedom through movement. The campaign for creative activism is #HereToDance

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A montage of these videos will be shown in La MaMa's theatre lobbies, website and at our Dancing in the Street Block Party on May 20th.

Ignite this global call to action with your own #HereToDance video.

Get Involved

  1. Choose a set of dance directives from either Annie-B Parson or Raja Feather Kelly (listed below)
  2. Make video up to 1 minute with your interpretation of these directives. Say your first name and #HereToDance.
  3. Share your video to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) with the hashtag #HereToDance and be sure to tag @LaMaMaETC along with 5 friends who you want to MOVE! La MaMa will share your videos  across our social media accounts!

Movement Score

By Annie-B Parson

Movement Directives

By Raja Feather Kelly

go to a public space
bring a friend or 2 or 3 (everyone wears lipstick and a wig)
silent scream
jump up and down
ring around the rosy
mannequin challenge in an intimate pose
One two three four
Can I have a little more
Five six seven eight nine ten
I love you
Can I bring my friend to tea
I love you
All together now
(echo) All together now
All together now
(echo) All together now
Black white green red
Can I take my friend to bed
Pink brown yellow orange and blue
I love you
All together now
(echo) All together now
All together now
(echo) All together now