Pioneers Go East Collective -- Hildegaard

Hildegard (vision)

December 03 - December 20, 2015


First Floor Theatre | 74A E 4th Street; 1st Floor

Thursday to Saturday at 7:30pm; Sunday at 2pm

Hildegard (visions) is a TimeOut New York Critic's Pick!

By Pioneers Go East Collective
Created and Designed by Gian Marco Lo Forte, Abby Felder
and John Sully

Directed by Gian Marco Lo Forte
Written by Abby Felder
Composed by John Sully

Featured Performers: Marina Celander, Nehprii Amenii, Seth Gilman, Kamala Sankaram, Daniel Diaz, Tali Custer.
Featuring Musical Director Kamala Sankaram live on stage during the three Sunday performances!
Hildegard (vision) follows the story of Hildegard of Bingen, a medieval nun, composer, and philosopher, who experienced divine visions. The structure piece mirrors the scientific phases of the body during a migraine attack, represented through an integrated mix of piercing sound, motion and surreal imagery, to examine the ways in which context combined with physiological processes shape how we perceive and affect change within the world around us.
"The actors, audio installations and set pieces fully immersed the audience into the world of the play...It really got me in the mood and I think it would do the same for all of you."
"The work depicts Hildegard's creative journey as a meditative, live art experience."
~Edge Media Network

Special Events

Friday, December 4th
Benefit performance with post-show party with the cast.  To buy benefit tickets: CLICK HERE
Saturday, December 5th
Talk back with the Pioneers Go East Collective Creative Team (post-show)
Friday, December 11th
Women, Performance and Spirituality moderated by Dr. Allison Curseen - Professor at Baruch College
Dr. Jill Stevenson - Associate Professor of Theater Arts at Marymount Manhattan College
Dr. Jennifer Brown, Associate Professor of English and World Literatures at Marymount Manhattan College.


About Pioneers Go East Collective

Pioneers Go East Collective - led by Gian Marco Lo Forte, Abby Felder and John Sully - creates an immersive performance experience to investigate clinical aspects of the migraine cycle and its relationship to hallucinations that have been said to form the basis of Hildegard’s artwork, metaphysics, and ability to transcend the cloistered restrictions of monastic life.