March 18 - March 27, 2016


The Club | 74A E 4th Street; 2nd Floor

Friday and Saturday at 10pm, Sunday at 6pm

$18 Adults, $13 Students/Seniors

75 Minutes | No Intermission

Written and performed by Romana Soutus
Directed by Rachel Levens

Hyena is an interactive and visceral solo show about the beast within. Hyena examines questions of intimacy, femininity and vulnerability as she attempts to find ways to navigate the painful world in which we live, while toeing the line between her public and private self. Join her as she discovers the darkest parts of herself.

Press for HYENA

"In exploring her own inner beast, performance artist Soutus’s new solo show, Hyena, brings attention to the thorny contradictions of femininity and body. Gleefully grotesque and (literally) bloody, Hyena is a confrontational performance you won’t soon forget."

~ Rachel Kerry, New York Theater Review

Creative Team

 Costume Design by Lizzie Donelan 
Lighting Design by Cecilia Durbin
Music by Gareth Hobbs
Set Design by Joey Mendoza
Associate Set Designer Vincent Gunn  
Production Manager Amy R. Surratt 
Stage Manager Kathryn Meister
Photo by Katelyn Rose Landis