Indian Market and Social

December 06 - December 08, 2019

Coordinated by La MaMa Indigenous Initiative & Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective
Director Safe Harbors: Muriel Borst Tarrant (Kuna/ Rappahannock Nations)
Indian Market Managing Director/Coordinator: Kevin Tarrant (Hopi/ Hochunk Nations)

Just in time for the Holidays: the Indian Market and Social offers a unique shopping opportunity for visitors to purchase traditional and contemporary works—including silver and semi-precious jewelry, ceramics, fine apparel, handwoven baskets, traditional beadwork, dolls, paintings, prints, and sculpture—by some of the finest Native American artists from across the Nation.  Join us for food, socializing, games, raffles, and door prizes at the Native American Social, there will be singing, dancing, storytelling, and performances during the market.


NativeTec – Mattinecock, Queens New York - Wampum Jewelry   
Inca Maki – Ecuadorian, New York, New York – Andean Clothing
Jacqueline Brown-Jackson – Lakota, New York, New York - Native American Beadwork and Jewelry
David Chavez – Lakota, Mexican, Piscataway, New Jersey – Quill Work, Beadwork, Trade Beads
KwiioCouture – Mohawk, Akwesasne, New York - Contemporary Native American Jewelry
Lester Ortiz – Dine’, Gallup, New Mexico - Handcrafted Silver Jewelry
Little Wing Beading – Oneida, Bronx, New York - Native American Beadwork & Jewelry
Pete Yazzie – Navajo, New Mexico - Native American Crafts and Jewelry
Rudy Lazzaro Designs – Inca, Argentina, New York, New York -  Silver Handcrafted Jewelry
Ricky Ortiz - Dine’, Gallup, New Mexico – Southwest Silversmith
Naiche Tayac – Piscataway, Apache, Piscataway, Maryland – Native American Jewelry
Tonan Thali Artesians Mexicana – Mexican, New York, New York – Embroidery Clothing
Wampum Magic – Unkechaug, Poospatuck, New York – Wampum Jewelry
Lydia Arrigada-Garcia – Mapuche Nation Chile, New York, New York - Photography

About the La Mama Indigenous Initiative

The La MaMa Indigenous Initiative focuses on working with Indigenous communities nationally and internationally. The initiative aims to provide a platform for Indigenous arts and culture while promoting Indigenous artists to audiences in New York, other parts of the nation and in other countries. La MaMa Experimental Theatre, with its history in Social Justice has a long standing collaborative history with the Indigenous Theatre nationally and internationally for over three decades. Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective Founder Murielle Borst-Tarrant and La MaMa Artistic Director Mia Yoo initially established the Safe Habors Indigenous Collective to spear head original Indigenous programming. Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective and the La MaMa Indigenous Initiative remain a collaborative in that vision and legacy.