Summer Rental: The Jungle Book

June 23 - June 26, 2016

First Floor Theatre | 74a East 4th Street

Thursday to Saturday at 8PM; Saturday and Sunday at 3PM

$30 (in advance), $35 (at door)

Pilvax Productions (New York) & Jókai Theater of Békéscsaba (Hungary)

The Jungle Book Hungarian musical adaptation was composed by László Dés, lyrics by Péter Geszti and Pál Békés. The musical was first performed in 1996 in Budapest (Hungary) and is still running today in many Hungarian theatres. It won the prize of the Hungarian Theatre Critics as the musical of the year in 1996.

Des’s mesmerising and unforgettable music and Geszti’s witty and unique lyrics magically depict a young boy’s journey into adult manhood while encountering friendship, cruelty, bravery, hatred, generosity, greed, revenge, and love.

The legendary story of Rudyard Kipling and has enfolded on stage on over 2000 nights in several countries in 20 years.

Our production by Pilvax Players Hungarian American Theater Company & Jókai Theater of Békéscsaba is a very special new international interpretation about our modern society. The performances will be in Hungarian (original language) with English summarizing lines.

This dramatized version of The Jungle Book is intended for every generation.

Featuring Miklós Sólyom, Csaba Gerner, Attila Gulyás, Alex Adányi, Márk Tárkány, András Lukács, Lajos Csomós, Eszter Kaszás, Ottilia Demeter, Nárcisz Nyíri, Bernadett Csizmadia, Laura Angyal, Ildikó Németh, Judit Kalo, Hanna Kalo, Nour Kalo, and Zoe Miller
Music by: László Dés
Libretto by: Pál Békés
Lyric by: Péter Geszti
Directed by: Csaba Gerner & Timea Zsedely
Choreographed by: Zoi Florosz
Sound designed by: Laura Angyal
Costume design by: Agota Hodi
Set design by: Fruzsi Szimeonov & Hajnalka Karika
Lighting design by: Lisa Hufnagel