La MaMa Kids: Kid Kristy and the Candy Touch

February 06


Saturday at 11am

Kid Kristy and the Candy Touch
Or What I Didn’t Learn from Pirate King Midas

Directed by Julia Stirling Martin

Anything Kristy touches turns into candy, thanks to her genie librarian. What fun! Until she turns her sister into a confectionary. Can the story of Pirate King Midas help her out of her dilemma? Might a cockroach has some good ideas? Or maybe you, the audience, can help her out! A story told with music, actors, puppets, and laughter.

Cover Photo: Carl Warner / Barcroft Media

About the Artist

Julia Stirling Martin has been creating theatre for children since 2010. Her past productions at La MaMa Kids include Firebird and The Magic Pot.