Kids Workshop: Passing It On

November 23



Passing it On, led by Tammy Whynot (alter ego of Lois Weaver) is an inter-generational workshop that explores experiences of the past in order to imagine the future and talk about climate change. There will be 10-12 seniors on hand to work one-to-one with participants on simple theatre exercises.

In pairs or small groups, we will:

  • – Talk about ‘what is a storm’ and find ways to create storm scapes (sound, movement, images)
  • – Share stories and create duets of ‘how we weathered a storm’ whether real or imaginary
  • – Imagine then create a Storm Kit that might help friends, family and neighbors survive in a storm.
Lois Weaver is a Guggenheim-winning artist, activist, writer, director, and Professor of Contemporary Performance at Queen Mary University of London. Her work centers on feminism, human rights and possibilities for public participation.