Panel discussion from La MaMa LiveTalks Take 4

LiveTalks: Take 4

April 22

Wednesday at 6:30PM (EST)

Free Admission; Suggested Donation

La MaMa LiveTalks Weekly conversations with artists, activists and thought leaders from around the country and around the world who join in discussions about art and life in time of crisis. Every Wednesday @ 6:30PM (EST)

This week features:
Carolina Do and Jonathan Castanien (Song Collective), Patrick Lizaso (Amazon), Eugene Ma (Director),
Nicky Paraiso (La MaMa) and Diane de Boer-Phelan (Broadway Diversity Project)

Moderated by Chris Ignacio (La MaMa)

This panel will raise awareness of the heightened discrimination and growing number of hate crimes threatening Asian communities right now, and the creative forms of resilience that have emerged as a response.
(cover photo from: π= 3.14.. NOTHINg, or EVERYTHINg by Yoshiko Chuma)

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