Remembering Liz

Photo from 'The Red Sneaks' (1989) 

Elizabeth Swados Memorial - Ellen Stewart Theatre - Sun, Feb 14, 2016




Message for Ellen - front Message for EllenPlease explore this page in memory of Elizabeth Swados, a treasured member of the La MaMa family who we recently lost to cancer. Her career began at La MaMa in the 1970s and she went on to create countless moving and critically acclaimed productions here, on Broadway, and around the world. Liz's work changed the landscape of musical theatre and shaped the legacy of La MaMa and all those with whom she worked.

Liz touched the lives of many generations of artists during her decades of socially conscious artistic work that incorporated global music and tested the limits of the modern musical. Everyone at La MaMa joins you in mourning this tragic loss. We will miss you, Liz.

“There’s a feeling that one should either be extremely ‘cultural’ or one should be entertainment oriented,” she told the reference work Contemporary Authors in 2007. “I feel the two can be combined. I will not sway from that.”

~Liz Swados




Read her New York Times Obituary

"Ms. Swados (pronounced SWAY-dose) was already a talent to watch when, while still a student at Bennington College, she provided the music for Andrei Serban’s adaptation of “Medea” at La MaMa, the downtown Manhattan avant-garde theater."

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Includes posters, programs, photographs, and press

LIZ AND ELLEN  2000 Vogue Magazine

Liz Swados and Ellen Stewart (Vogue Magazine, 2000)

Liz Swados

Camera 3  1974  Buffalo

Mademoiselle Magazine


The Trojan Women (1975) at La MaMa

Liz Discusses Her Early Career at La MaMa

Coffeehouse Chronicles (March 2014)

'Runaways' Performance

1978 Tony Awards

Andrei Serban Remembers Meeting Liz at La MaMa

Coffeehouse Chronicles (March 2014)

Interview about The Tempest


The Tempest (2014)





Medea (1972)

Photos: Amnon Ben Nomis & Richard Greene

MEDEA 1  1972

MEDEA 2  1972

MEDEA 3  1972 Amnon Ben Nomis Foto

MEDEA 4  1999 Richard Greene Foto

MEDEA 5  1972 Amnon Ben Nomis Foto

As You Like It

La Rochelle, France (Photos by: Michel Cormier)

AS YOU LIKE IT 1  Tour - Sttutgart

AS YOU LIKE IT 2  1976 La Rochelle, France, Michel Cormier Foto

AS YOU LIKE IT 3  1976 La Rochelle, France, Michel Cormier Foto

Trojan Women

TROJAN WOMEN 1  1974 Mark Smith Foto

Trojan Women (1974) Photo: Mark Smith

TROJAN WOMEN 3   1996  Tom  Brazil Foto

Trojan Women (1996) Photo: Tom Brazil


Trojan Women (1975)


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Electra - European Tour; Photo by: Gregori ArmandoELECTRA 4 Tour - Italy Gregori Armando Foto

ELECTRA 3 1978 Nina Alovert Foto

Electra (1978); Photo by: Nina Alovert

ELECTRA 1  European Tour

Electra - European Tour

ELECTRA 2 1999

Mia Yoo in Electra (1999)

Credits at La MaMa


La Celestina (1971)

Shekina [The Bride] (1971)

Medea (1972, 2004)

Jilsa (1974)

Crow (1974)

Fragments of a Trilogy (1974, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1986, 1999)

Good Woman of Setzuan (1975, 1976, 1978)

Trojan Woman/Electra (1978, 1996, 2004)

As You Like It (1980)

Anna Into Nightlight (1982)

Jerusalem (1984)

Mythos Oedipus (1985, 1989, 1996, 2004)

Doonsbury Flashbacks/Emperor’s New Clothes (1996)

Missionaries (1996)

Monk & the Hangman’s Daughter (2000)

Dionysus Filius Dei (2002, 2004, 2006)

Seven Against Thebes (2001, 2004)

Electra (2004)

Antigone (2004)

Persues (2005)

Bokan the Bad Hearted (2004)

Open Door (2006)

Room to Panic (2008)

Asclepius (2009)

In Retrospect (2010)

The La MaMa Cantata (2011)

Urban Odyssey (2012)

Tempest (2014)