April 19, 2018 - May 6, 2018


The Downstairs | 66 E 4th Street

Thursday to Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 2pm

$25 Adult Tickets; $20 Students/Seniors (plus $1 Facility Fee)

Written by Romana Soutus
Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Cat and Kitten’s slumber party has been going on for quite a while. Cat wants to be lifted and Kitten wants to be loved. Tensions rise as Cat and Kitten negotiate restraint versus indulgence, sensuality versus innocence. Their relationship erupts as they uncover how their desires express who they are while also reckoning with how they ruin them. Cat and Kitten pull back the curtain and let you listen to the midnight whispers between girls and their darkness kept secret. Developed by an all female team, Martyrs is a fall down the rabbit hole of shame, femininity, and food in a world where the body is a battleground and sisterhood offers shelter.
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“Romana Soutus entrances and terrifies, relishing in creating art from what most people would rather not think about.”
"Soutus’ material is a delicate balancing act between the genuinely intimate and intentionally shocking.”
“[Soutus] confronts the audience head-on with no constraints, and if that makes you feel odd, then good"