Mia Habib | All – a physical poem of protest

May 03 - May 05, 2019

Downstairs | 66 East 4th Street

Friday & Saturday at 8:30PM; Sunday at 5PM

$25 Tickets; $20 Student/Senior Tickets [+$1 Facility Fee]

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Choreographed by Mia Habib

Norwegian choreographer Mia Habib’s ALL - a physical poem of protest investigates the protesting body, the human mass and its force through the meditative action of walking and running in circles.  “The score is epic because it is open enough to respond to any occasion and resonate with human struggle, protest and its poetry throughout time.” ~Jeremy Wade

Photo Yaniv Cohen

Press for Mia Habib: All – a physical poem of protest

"For me, the nudity serves almost as a projection screen. The viewer can create an association with schools of fish or bird or animal flocks in one moment; and there are the hard collective images or memories we have from the Second World War. When you zoom out, the multiplicity of naked bodes has this ability to almost become abstract — as if it just becomes lines or moving shapes."

Gia Kourlas talks to Mia Habib

Creative Team

Choreographed by Mia Habib
Co-Facilitated by Dance Artist Shantelle Courvoisier Jackson

About the Artists

Mia Habib is an Oslo-based dancer, performer and choreographer working at the intersection of performance, exhibitions, publications, lectures, teaching, mentoring and curating always guided by a choreographic logic. Her work is described to hold a culture critical perspective on body, identity, society and dance. She engages in labs and research with a variety of specialists including artists, scientists, political activists and others.