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Mio cuore io sto soffrendo, cosa posso fare per te?
Created & Directed by Antonio Marras

Choreographed by Marco Angelilli

369gradi company (Italy) - Artistic Director Valeria Orani
My Heart is the development of a project started as a site-specific performance with the name "Mio Cuore io sto soffrendo, cosa posso fare per te?" involving actors and resident performers of the Company 369gradi - Artistic Director Valeria Orani and choreographed by Marco Angelilli. The show developed under the guidance of Antonio Marras’ vision, for an experiment that transforms and contaminates the popular culture and the storytelling of memory – through the stages of life, personal stories, the search for one’s own identity, melancholy and frightened childhood memories. The show will consist of 14 moments, tranches de vie, actions that record episodes, dreams, anxieties, nightmares, and obsessions. 14 scenes uncovering the common feeling of generations of children, partners, and lovers.
In fashion, Antonio Marras tends to juxtapose opposites: global-local – civilized – primitive – masculine-feminine – rich-poor – old – young. These integrations become a search, amplifying and multiplying in the contamination of visual arts, theatre, cinema, music, dance, dramaturgy. The audience will enjoy a unique theatrical experience through Antonio Marras’ poetry that tears apart, sews together, takes from, recreates images and visions of popular culture, tell stories of forgotten objects.
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 My Heart is part of Amina>Anima Soul, a project directed by Valeria Orani to achive a contemporary prospective though the ancestral roots of Sardinia’s cultural identity and developed by 369gradi srl - grant IdentityLab2 RAS Regione Autonoma della Sardegna with the funds of Unione Europea PO FESR 2014-2020. 
The show premiered in Italy thanks to CeDaC Sardegna and Sella&Mosca 
My Heart in New York is supported by NYU Casa Zerilli Marimò - Umansim - Rizzoli Bookshop - Italian Cultural Institute New York

About the Artists

Since 1987, when he designed his first collection, Antonio Marras has stood out for his experimentations; his ability to ‘feel’ different realities around him, interrogating art, music, dance, theatre, cinema. To him, fashion provides the link with other languages. In 2003, he was appointed as Kenzo art director.