La MaMa Umbria: 2019 NEXT GENERATION New Performance Incubator Residency

June 12 - June 24, 2019

Next Generation is a special program in which individuals, companies and international informal groups can participate, during which the artists will have the opportunity to start experimenting with ideas for new performances (theater, dance, interdisciplinary, etc.). Artists can work on their projects individually or in groups, immersed in the natural environment of Umbria.
This initiative aims to act as an incubator for new show projects at an embryonic stage and will not accept projects that are already in an advanced stage of development, for which a more targeted residence is required for production. The aim is to discover new talents and to nurture the emergence of promising new performative ideas. Some of the artists participating in the NEXT GENERATION program can be invited for subsequent periods of residence within CURA, in order to deepen and further develop their artistic project.
Next Generation is open to a maximum of 6 single artists and / or companies, however, for a maximum of 18 people / artists total. The artists will have the opportunity to work in the CARE spaces mentioned for a total period of 15 days. Exchanges and comparisons between artists / companies will be facilitated during the periods of residence. There will be times when all the participants will have the opportunity to work and be together. A final moment will be organized during which the artists will be asked to present (choosing the most appropriate form) the work elaborated in the days of residence.