On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me as her Young Lover

April 20



Monday at 7:30pm

Performed by Arthur Meek
Directed by Geoff Pinfeld
Adapted by Arthur Meek & Geoff Pinfeld from a book by Richard Meros 

Richard Meros, B.A. is the Machiavelli of the Millenials. In this anarchic journey into the hot and heavy heart of Western Civilisation, Meros will prove, step by barkingly-logical step, that Hillary Clinton not only wants a Young Lover, but needs one to initiate a Golden Age of American culture and society. Furthermore, the only possible candidate for this coveted position is, by rational necessity, him. 



"engaging, funny, and the right amount of wrong."
- ThePublicReviews.com
"Comic genius... the presentation was a great success, triggering booming laughter"
- TheaterScene.net
"... engaging, intelligent, and provocative. His PowerPoint is punctuated with delicious satire, delectable double entendre, and scintillating allusions, some not easy to spot."
- Theatre Reviews Limited