La MaMa Kids: Paper Bird Mask Workshop

March 11

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Thursday at 4PM EST

Free Admission; Suggested Donation

Led by Adelka Polack

Learn how to make feathers from paper for your very own mask. Paper is such an amazing building material and reflects most birds’ homes. Imagine if we can fly away with the birds right now in our masks!

Materials Suggested:

3-4 sheets of cardstock (heavy weight paper that is also easy to fold and cut with safety scissors)



glue stick

elastic band (or you can connect two strips of oak tag or cardstock for headband)

duct tape (and/or stapler) to attach headband/elastic

Two different PDF files available here for mask base & beak/feathers (click on mask & beak).

Strongly encouraged to print each PDF out of two different contrasting colors for your bird mask to have some attitude with bold colors!
PDF patterns should be print out at 145% on a regular letter-sized piece of cardstock, otherwise it will scale too small for your face. If you cannot scale and print on cardstock, then we will teach everyone how to draw out their mask on the cardstock.

About the Artists

Sova Dance and Puppet Theater celebrates humanity and the environment by engaging audiences through live performance combining the moving body, puppetry, mask, video, dance, and artistic installations. The combined ingredients communicate that which cannot be described in words, and therefore are accessible to communities around the globe.
“Sova” means “owl” in Slovak and also refers to an asteroid belt named by a Czech astronomer.
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About La MaMa Kids

La MaMa Kids is a series of creative workshops and performances for the young and the young at heart. Master artists from LaMaMa teach theatre crafts in workshops that encourage imaginative play and hands-on learning. Children and adults learn the basics of storytelling, dance, mask and puppet-making, and more!
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