The Pessoptimist

Unfortunately, this production of Pessoptimist has been cancelled.

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No Visa Productions (Michal Gamily)
Based on Emile Habibi’s novel ‘The Secret Life of Saeed the Pessoptimist’
Adapted, Conceived, & Performed by Mohammad Bakri
Translated by Katharine Hall

Based on Emile Habibi’s novel The Secret Life of Saeed the PessoptimistThe Pessoptimist is the story of a Palestinian who becomes an Israeli citizen in 1948 when Israel became a state. It is the story of Saeed, the anti-hero and luckless fool whose tale tells of the aggression and resistance, terror and heroism, reason and loyalty that typifies the hardships and struggles of Arabs in Israel.  
The name merges the Arabic words for pessimist (al-mutasha'im المتشائل) and optimist. It combines fact and fantasy with tragedy and comedy in a playful way to show how it is for Arabs to live in the state of Israel, and how one who has nothing to do with politics is drawn into it. There will be eight performances – six shows in English and two in Arabic.