November 21 - November 22, 2015



Saturday at 11am; Sunday at 2pm

Created by Sandglass Theater

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Fritzi’s Flea Circus

Performed by Shoshana Bass
Fritzi’s Flea Circus welcomes audiences into a delightful world of circus feats, presented by a tiny flea with a big personality. In this 20 minute show, you will experience Fritzti as the strong man, the high diver and even watch as he is shot out of a cannon into the audience. This miniature, family friendly show was conceived by Ines Zeller Bass and is now embarking on a new life in the next generation. Daughter, Shoshana Bass proudly continues its tradition, inviting the power of imagination, play and ear wiggling, scalp tickling, heartwarming fun.

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Kasper and the Cow

Performed by Jana Zeller
Enjoy a funny adventure with Kasper, beloved hand puppet hero of Germany, who is known for his stocking cap and audience engaging humor, Kasper packs to go on a journey but before he can leave, a cow steals his suitcase.  With the help of his best friend, the endearing giant Augustin, Kasper has to go on a rollicking chase to reclaim his suitcase from the cow.  This show was created by Ines Zeller Bass and has been enrapturing children and their families for 35 years.  Ines’ daughter Jana Zeller now proudly performs it. 

About the Artist

Sandglass Theater is an internationally known theater company specializing in combining puppets with music, actors and visual imagery. Since 1982, the company’s productions have toured 24 countries, performing in theaters, festivals and cultural institutions and winning numerous international prizes.
Sandglass Theater produces works for both adult audiences and young audiences—two repertoires that tour separately and together. Sandglass also performs and teaches in its own 60-seat renovated barn theater in Putney, Vermont. Sandglass Theater is available for workshops and residencies and teaches a 2-week intensive training program each summer. Find out more about Sandglass Theater on their website!