Rentals – First Floor Theatre

Each of La Mama’s legendary fully equipped theatrical spaces allow producers to build upon our incomparable history of groundbreaking experimental theatre and guarantees an exclusive and secure environment in which to create the perfect world for your productions.

Whether you are producing a special event like a gala or fundraiser, a workshop, festival, reading, or a full theatrical production and are looking for an intimate black box,cabaret, a 299 seat Main Stage experience or a wide open playing area in which to explore the depths of your script, all of our four theatrical spaces provide you with the versatility to transport your audiences anywhere you wish to take them.



Stage: 35’ x 22' 6"
Height to Grid: 12’ 2”
Capacity: 99


ETC 48/96 Express Control Board
ETC Smartpack dimmers 30 X 2.4K
18 - 6” Fresnel (500W)
8 - 6” kliegl Fresnel
20 - Altman 6 X 9 (575W)
4 - Altman 6 X 12
8 - Shakespeare 30-55 degree (575W)
1 - Source Four 36 degree (575W)


Mackie 1202 12 Channel Mixer
2 Apogee Artist Series System 3200
CD Deck
Additional equipment available upon request

The First Floor Theatre and box office are located on the first floor of 74A E 4th Street. A ramp can be provided for access to the box office and theater at the entrance on E 4th Street.
An accessible bathroom is located in the first floor lobby of 74A E 4th Street.
If you have any questions about your visit, please call 212-254-6468.