Sam Shepard | Nov 5, 1943 – July 27, 2017

It is with great sadness today that we learned of the passing of the great American playwright, Sam Shepard.  Sam did much of his early work at La MaMa. 
In 1965 Sam’s early plays, premiered and performed by the La Mama Troupe under the direction of Tom O'Horgan, toured Europe for the first time.  Ellen Stewart’s efforts to garner reviews for her new American Playwrights led to Europeans critically recognizing and applauding their early works.  Collaborations with the likes of O’Horgan, Joseph Chaikin, Patti Smith, Max Roach fueled Sam’s fiercely original works throughout his early career.  A second production of Sam’s TOOTH OF CRIME was re-mounted at La Mama as late as 2006, an event that pleased him and made him feel at home again.   
Dog and Rocking Chair (1965)
Chicago - NYC Premiere and European Tour (1966) / NYC (1968)
Melodrama Play -  NYC Premiere and European Tour (1967) / NYC (1968 & 1971)
Changes (1969)
The Unseen Hand (1969)
The Holy Ghostly - La MaMa European Tour (1969)
Shaved Splits (1970)
Superstitions: The Sad Lament of Pecos Bill (1983)
Shepardsets: Angel City, Suicide in B flat, Back Bog Beast Bait (1984)
Tongues (1984)
Geography of a Horse Dreamer (1985)
Tooth of Crime (1983 + 2006)
We treasure his legacy here and are grateful for his generosity as an artist and friend. Our hearts and prayers go out to Sam’s family.
[photo by Duane Michals]