La Galleria: Same Bed, Different Dreams

October 15 - November 04, 2016



Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 1 to 7PM, or by appointment

Free Admission

by C. Finley

New York and Rome-based artist C. Finley debuts Same Bed, Different Dreams, a cycle of large scale paintings in dialogue with the universal nature of dreaming and the human desire to understand and order the meaning of dreams. Each canvas is proportional to a mattress set-single, full, queen, or king with corresponding pillows-and responds to the progression of the zodiac, using the elements of each sign to guide the composition. On their multicolored surfaces, various systems of symbols converge and are woven together, echoing the seemingly esoteric and illusory montage of our dreams. Shifted vertically onto the wall, the shape of each canvas bed becomes a supernatural portal to the mystical visions embodied in dreams.
Each night we fall asleep, setting out on similar journeys, crossing thresholds and inhabiting distinct worlds as numerous and unique as we are. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” These vibrant works by C. Finley explore the exquisite nature of dreams, and guide us from the realm of sleep into a collective, ecstatic awakening.

Image: PISCES, The Channel of Inspiration (Full Bed), 74x54 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2016



Opening Reception: Saturday, October 15th6-8 PM. Finley is introducing 12 different food parings for each of her paintings created by chef Patricia Clark of All Five Senses who describes her inspiration as "Dream-state instincts combine with ethereal flavors and textures."

Coco Karol / C. Finley performanceTuesday, October 18th, 7 PM.

Suddenly Every WednesdayOctober 26th 7 PM. Literary night – please bring original writing or something that inspires you to read aloud. This is a sister event to Rome based Suddenly Every Wednesday founded by Jahan Genet.

Tarot Reading with Eva: Sunday, October 30, 2PM-4PM

Dusty Shoulders StorytellingNovember 2nd, 7:30 PM.

Through the Veil: Thursday, November 3rd, 7PM | Natalie Lomonte of Chiron Dance presents 'Through the Veil' a dance performance, creating a collective effervescence, embodying the nature of dreams as they swim through her subconscious.

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