La Galleria: Oana Maria Cajal: Posters For Unwritten Plays

May 13 - May 24, 2015

A kaleidoscopic presentation of multimedia happenings dedicated to the great, and always inspiring, Ellen Stewart. The show comprises the book launch of “Posters for Unwritten Plays”, the first publication of its kind in the world portraying images for plays that have not yet been written.

I Am Here

October 11

I AM HERE is a devised performance which grew out of a yearlong process that linked Catherine Filloux’s play, SELMA ‘65, with students from USC Lancaster.

Poetry Electric: Seriously Though

November 11

A mixed bag of comedy, burlesque, theater, and social justice-ing.
There will be laughs, there will be tits, there will be tears, and one day, justice. Come join award-winning and critically-acclaimed Una, Morgan, Julia, and Michi for a very special one-night-only never-again cabaret. You’ve been asking, and they’ve been evasive, but it’s finally here: sisters in real life and sisters of the road, they will awe you with a taste of their solo work in dance, burlesque, comedy, storytelling, and theater. Sexy-funny-sad, given where you are, this is where you want to be, seriously.

La Galleria: Summons

June 04 - June 21, 2015

Summons, a collaborative project with Jack Reynolds, Theo Cote, and Emma Rae Norton, combines their respective works of paint, video, and digital imagery to create a new piece of art. Each allows their own work to play a significant role throughout the process. The show is as much about making a final piece as it is about discovering new contexts for each other’s work.

The Dance Cartel Party

May 28

Celebrating 10 years of La MaMa Moves! Party with Dance Cartel and the La MaMa Junior Committee May 28th at La Galleria – 47 Great Jones Street. Open. Bar.

2014 ReFest Exhibitions

November 24

ReFest is CultureHub’s annual festival celebrating art and technology. The festival exhibition will feature works of new media, games, machinima, and other art that utilizes emerging technologies.

Coffeehouse #127: Kinding Sindaw

June 13

Curator: Michal Gamily | Moderator: Anne Berryl Corotan Naguit The dances of Kinding Sindaw originate from the royal court dances of the Maranao Sultanate- a repertory of the sacred, classic, and secular combining grace and vigor, dances that directly reflect their rich natural environment. Dancers imitate the graceful movements of birds, fish, butterflies, rivers, streams, and ocean […]