Nightlife As Activism Since 1980

20150918 - 20151010

Activism in Nightlife Since 1980 sponsored by Visual AIDS focuses on the intersection of the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis and nightlife from the 1980s to the present. Since the beginning of the AIDS pandemic, nightlife has been an escape, a community, a forum for information about safer sex practices and a center for activism. Taking its title […]

La MaMa Galleria Benefit Art Auction 2016

May 18, 2016

LA MAMA GALLERIA nurtures artistic experimentation and serves its neighborhood as a venue that encourages an active dialogue between the visual arts, new media, performance, community and educational projects. Each season, La MaMa Galleria draws more than 4,000 visitors and exhibits work by more than 30 contemporary and experimental artists. Benefit Committee:  |Adam Bertrand|Adriana Farmiga|Jeff Haley|Sarah Lederman| Carol […]

La MaMa Galleria Artist Raffle

Click BUY TICKETS to put your name in the raffle! ($100 per ticket) Prizes Include: 3 Week Exhibit Opening Reception Installation Assistance Professional Photographs Exhibition Marketing WINNER ANNOUNCED MAY 18TH!

La Galleria: 39X17

20151015 - 20151025

Curated by Elise Gardella In La Galleria, 39X17 celebrates all the poets of ::::Presenting at 17::::: happenings with artists, writers, musicians, and innovative makers instigated by Elise Gardella on the third Sunday of the month since October 2012 in her East Village apartment on 4th Street. This small room transforms from home to living corridor—a portal to someone’s practice, […]

La Galleria: Advection By Eileen Lang

20160414 - 20160508

For Eileen Lang’s second exhibition with La MaMa Galleria, the artist presents a series of new paintings in acrylic and ink. When these liquids are permitted to direct their own motion, the results are genuine and natural. In Advection, Lang explores this process by encouraging pigment and paper to mingle and direct their own paths. […]

La Galleria: Star Maps

20151028 - 20151124

La MaMa Galleria is pleased to present Star Maps, an exhibition of new paintings by New York-based artist Brad Greenwood. This is the artist’s second solo show at La MaMa Galleria. Brad Greenwood’s Star Maps envisions a post-apocalyptic astrological map, in which a future civilization re-casts the night sky from the remnants of our lost art […]

La Galleria: Pattern of War

20151202 - 20151219

Paintings by the late Leonard Rosenfeld Curated by Mary-Ann Monforton  Pattern of War presents a series of paintings done at the end of a 50-year long career. They demonstrate a highly accomplished painter whose style remained both narrative and expressionistic. These emotionally charged works offer a tale of devastation and isolation that find their expression […]

La Galleria: La MaMa Family Show 2015

20151222 - 20160103

  Opening reception: December 22, 7-9 pm    For the annual La MaMa Family Show, artists and staff from throughout the institution’s 54 year history are invited to contribute pieces of art for display. The eclectic salon-style hanging includes a large variety of work, with sales directly supporting both the artists and La MaMa’s artistic mission. With artists […]

La Galleria: Unwelcome Guest

20160108 - 20160131

La MaMa Galleria is pleased to present Unwelcome Guest, the first solo show of New York-based artist Zach Bruder. These new works riff variously on still lives, figuration, and landscape, employing a bold, graphic sensibility in portraying aspects of Americana: its domestic architecture, its art history, its myths. As reinterpretations of traditional painterly genres, the […]

Galleria: Alexis Myre’s ‘The Power of Limits’

20160204 - 20160221

Alexis Myre’s artworks are each a small universe: a sphere in which natural materials, geometric patterns, and symbolic references all mingle. These elements are incorporated into mathematical systems, where pins, thread, and pencilled lines chart each item and its relations, and establish a microcosm of order and influence. With the logic of a drawing and […]