Poetry Electric: Women’s Solo Festival

March 07 - March 08, 2016

Monday March 7, 2016 7PM: Waitress at the Red Moon Pizzeria by Eleanor Levine Waitress at the Red Moon Pizzeria is a performance piece that delves into a 40-year realm of unrequited love. The lover being sought is enamored of the pursuer for 30 years while they are in high school, college and adulthood. They […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #132: Talking Band

March 12

Join us in March to celebrate the artistic work of Talking Band with archival material, panelists, and live performances. Moderated by Morgan Jenness Panelists: Tina Shepard, Ellen Maddow, Paul Zimet, Jack Wetherall, Harry Mann, Lizzie Olesker, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, and Anya Maddow-Zimet About the Artists The Talking Band has been making innovative and influential theater works in […]

Experiments 16: Migdalia Cruz’s ‘Never Moscow’

December 07

Directed by Mariana Carreño King Written by Migdalia Cruz In this darkly whimsical tale about Anton Chekhov, marriage, and consumption, Chekhov is writing his Three Sisters, the characters of which long for Moscow as Chekhov himself avoids it, and his engagement to Olga Knipper – lead actress of the Moscow Art Theatre. As Chekhov is […]

Galleria: Alexis Myre’s ‘The Power of Limits’

February 04 - February 21, 2016

Alexis Myre’s artworks are each a small universe: a sphere in which natural materials, geometric patterns, and symbolic references all mingle. These elements are incorporated into mathematical systems, where pins, thread, and pencilled lines chart each item and its relations, and establish a microcosm of order and influence. With the logic of a drawing and […]

Culturehub: Refest 2015

December 11 - December 13, 2015

Three-day festival passes are available above by clickig BuyTicket . These passes will grant you entry into all of the events listed below. Individual event tickets can be found at the links listed below. Refest is CultureHub’s annual festival of work that intersects new media, performance, and technology. This year’s festival will explore the ways […]

CultureHub: ArtCade Con 2015

October 10

The wildly popular ArtCade return to CultureHub this fall! Davis Cox of This Near Future hosts a refreshingly curated celebration that  demonstrates that the arcade isn’t an outdated idea, while also serving as an interactive gallery of digital art.  Featuring over 15 games hand-picked by top NYC games curators and organizations to showcase their unique […]

Poetry Electric: These Red Lights Were Made 4 Us To Make Them Green

December 14

Is Freedom A Choice? Does Freedom Stem from Solely the Mind? Or is one’s Freedom primarily dependent on Societal Constructs? An evening of Poetry & Lyricism shattering centuries of blind spots that prevent us from being truly FREE…  Featuring: Kate Hess (Indigo Moon), Andres Chulisi Rodriguez, Omega B, James Peach McClory, Happy Accident, WhyNotShowLove, and Libby Mislan About […]

Galleria: Gay Arms

February 26 - March 13, 2016

For the exhibition Gay Arms, Grant Shaffer presents a new body of photographic work. The series is documentary in style, with its subjects pulled from the artist’s life. Shaffer describes his artistic process as a means of understanding: “When I’m taking pictures, I think of myself as an alien who’s here for a while, trying […]

Experiments 16: Diana Marie Delgado’s ‘People to Run From’

January 04

People to Run From is a warped autobiography where a young woman’s life story is told in fragments. Directed by Julian Mesri & featuring Yadira De La Riva. About the Playwright DIANA MARIE DELGADO​, poet and playwright, grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. A graduate of the poetry programs at the University of California­Riverside and Columbia […]

Galleria: Introductions

March 17 - April 10, 2016

La MaMa Galleria is pleased to present Introductions, curated by New York-based painter Roberto Juarez. For this exhibition, Juarez and eight of his colleagues will each introduce an artist of their choosing to the gallery. The show focuses on visual and spatial conversations between artists working at different stages of their careers, and through this […]