Experiments 16: Felice Belle’s ‘It Is Reasonable to Expect’

February 29

Is Em on the verge of a breakdown or already broken? Eleven years into her dissertation on the infinite nature of choice, she’s out of viable options. To save herself, she’ll launch an internal investigation to pinpoint the moment her life went wrong.’ About the Playwright FELICE BELLE ​is a poet, playwright, and pop culture enthusiast. She was […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #135 — Genji Ito

May 07

Spend an intimate afternoon celebrating the life and work of composer, Genji Ito. The event, moderated by George Ferencz, features panelists George Drance, Tavia Ito, Tim Schellenbaum, Virlana Tkacz, Zishan Ugurlu, and Marybeth Ward, with live performances by Shiela Dabney, Yukio Tsuji, Perry Yung, and screenings of archival material. Moderator: George  Ferencz Panel members: Zishan  Ugurlu, Virlana Tkacz, Marybeth Ward, Tavia […]

La MaMa Kids Winter Wonderland

La MaMa Kids: 2015 Winter Wonderland Presentation

December 19

La MaMa Family will weave their magic and excitement for La MaMa’s End of Year celebration event – a fun-filled immersive performance by La MaMa resident artists. Site-specific performances interweave throughout the Annex building, each piece inspired by the theme of ‘Winter Wonderland’.  Embracing puppetry, storytelling, dance, music and theatre, this is a unique holiday event for […]

Kids Workshop: Filipino Indigenous Dance

April 16

FILIPINO INDIGENOUS DANCE WORKSHOP With Potri Ranka Manis | Founder and Artistic Director of Kinding Sindaw Learn and enjoy the dance movements from the epic, legends and myths of the ancestral Philippine Melayu Nusantara heritage. This workshop will transport the participants to experience these epic stories through hand gestures, footwork and colorful scarves. The workshop […]

La Galleria: New Paintings

May 26 - June 12, 2016

In this exhibition of new oil paintings, Mark Tambella revisits his earlier figurative works through an expressionistic lens. Central to this new series are human focus and energy, which are forces that can be decoded and meditated upon through painting. The scenes are culled from a variety of sources, and employ techniques acquired from the […]

Culturehub: Improvised Electronics Round Robin: Dark Circuits II

November 08

The Improvised Electronics Round Robin is a live audiovisual concert by tool builders, artists, and engineers. The performers will play short interlocking sets and then perform the Dark Circuits Light Orchestra score by electronic composer Hans Tammen. Featuring: Gocha Tzinadse, Sofy Yuditskaya, Josh Goldberg, Brendan Byrne, Alex Nathanson, Nick Fox Gieg, Jeff Donaldson, Gene Kogan, […]

La MaMa Kids: Interactive Hula Workshop

March 05

Interactive Hula Workshop with Marina Celander and Kiku Sakai Come with us and visit the mountains and the waterfalls of Hawai’i, admire a rainbow, swim with the sharks in the ocean, and play with the seashells on the beach – all this while never leaving East 4th Street! In this fun and interactive workshop we will […]

Experiments 16: Gloria Kadigan’s ‘Uzume’

April 18

Written by Glory KadiganDirected by Eric Mercado The crow population is exploding. Crows are taking over the city. They’re chewing though power lines creating blackouts and wrecking havoc on civilians.  Gwen’s friend Jessica has joined the crow patrol to destroy the crows nests.  Gwen’s other friend Marianna believes there’s a better solution – after all […]

Kids Performance: Family Play Date

June 04

Join the SLANT Performance Group as they weave their magical humor through La MaMa’s Family Playdate – a fun-filled cabaret performed with members of the Great Jones Repertory Company. Embracing dance, music and theatre, this is a unique event for the whole family.