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Kane and Habil at the Pizza Parlor

Kane and Habil at the Pizza Parlor

January 18 – January 27, 2013

Adam is an absent father, too busy naming things to raise his kids. Eve is not a brain, but a soul – an independent woman populating the world and enjoying the task. Kane is an uncontrollable type-A personality. Lebuda’s clock is ticking and she wants a child with Habil, who is in turn vain and passive aggressive, using his naïveté as a weapon. Kane and Habil at the Pizza Parlor is a humorous, irreverent and poetic reimagining of the original family’s original sins, transforming a legacy of violence into a new way forward for us all.

Written and directed by Serge Ernandez
Ensemble Direction by Sheila Dabney
Assisted by David Skeist
Music by Yukio Tsuji
Design by Sue Karnet
Video by Jerome Lucas Harmann
Cast: Sheila Dabney, Doug Chapman, Kofi Boakye, Emily Alpren, Herbert Go
Chorus: Yossera Bouchtia,  Kirk Brown
Director Assistant: David Skeist
Director Consultant: Doris Mirescu
Videos: Yossera Bouchtia

Running Time: 1:45 mins


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