La MaMa Kids: Thumbelina

March 25

Saturday at 11am

$10 Tickets


Inspired from the Hans Christian Anderson
Thumbelina is born inside a mysterious flower. As soon as she manages to tame her surrounding, she is uprooted and propelled into a world of gigantic proportions. Will she have the courage to empower herself, to find her wings and fly up to the sky? Combining live original music dance, shadow theater and puppetry, Montreal based L’Illusion, Théâtre de marionette, weaves their magical charm.

About the Artists

L’Illusion, Théâtre de marionnettes is firmly rooted in Montreal and has been since 1979. Its mission is to create and produce plays that highlight the great diversity of puppet theatre. The company focuses mainly on young audiences. In fact it likes to surprise them with innovative proposals that blend the visual and performing arts. Bold artistic teams are brought together on every new production. They take on uncharted creative paths or revisit masterpieces of the world repertoire shedding new light on them before adapting them for puppets. The company’s original productions stand out for their playwriting in perfect harmony with the visual aspect of the production. The artists devise a genuine vocabulary of moving imagery. L’Illusion is proud to offer youngsters astonishing, surprising and fascinating productions both in terms of content and form.