Calderon’s Two Dreams

February 09 - February 26, 2017


Ellen Stewart Theatre

Thursday to Saturday at 7PM; Sunday at 4PM; Monday, Feb 13th at 7PM

Created by George Drance and the Magis Theatre Company
Original Music by Elizabeth Swados
Theater | World Premiere

Calderon's Two Dreams" is a presentation of both versions Pedro Calderon de la Barca's masterpiece "Life is a Dream".
Calderon’s first iteration of the play, written in 1635, deals with questions of freedom and choice in a confusing reality.  As his career soared, he felt the need to go deeper into his own spirit, he completely re-wrote it to examine deeper questions.  In "Life is a Dream" (1677),  the setting changes to the court of the universe.  The central question of the earlier version “will this prince be a fitting ruler?” now becomes “is the human being a fitting caretaker of the universe?”
Magis presents these two works together for the first time,to allow these great classics to speak to each other and reflect on how Calderon’s world view and philosophy developed over the course of his extraordinary lifetime.
They still have the power to speak to us today.
Running Time: 3 hours with one intermission

Press for Calderon's Two Dreams

"If you are a devotee of William Shakespeare and are interested in what was being written by his contemporaries, you are sure to be intrigued by the rare opportunity to see what is a thoroughly engaging production of the two versions of Life Is A Dream" - Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway

About the Artists

Magis Theatre Company is an actor-driven, physically based ensemble, they are known for making classical works enjoyable and accessible to contemporary audiences. 


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